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Check out the video and hear from Haverford students about the economics program.

Economics comprises a variety of theoretical approaches to understanding human behavior, social interactions, and economic performance, and a set of powerful statistical tools that can be used to test competing theories empirically.

The economics curriculum at Haverford offers introductory and upper level courses both in theory and empirical methods, as well as numerous electives on a broad range of economic topics.

Students with a wide range of interests—the environment, politics and public policy, financial markets, less-developed countries, income distribution and equity, the law, and international trade, to name just a few—will find much that is useful and stimulating by studying economics. One or two economics courses can be an important part of the liberal education of any college student, and students with a diverse set of interests find the economics major to be an engaging and rewarding course of study.

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Sunday, May 3rd, 2015


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