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Informal Biography

I was born in Houston, Texas to mid-western parents late in 1963.

JFK was still alive; nobody had walked on the moon.

I first visited Japan in 1976, our bicentenial year.

I was shocked to learn that Ultraman was Japanese.

I saw Elvis perform during the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in the Astrodome.

I saw Parliament/Funkadelic on the Mothership Connection tour.

I am married with four children, born 1991 to 2002.

My Y-DNA haplogroup is R1a1 (M17).

Both sides of my family are Jews from Belarus, near the Polish border.

My grandfather, Joseph Glassman, ran a store called Whiteway Market in Iowa City, if you're old enough to remember that.

Now it's condos.

He liked a good joke.

Once he told a customer the "chicken loaf" was half-and-half: one cow, one chicken.

Chicken was much more expensive than beef in the 1930's.

My other grandfather, Harry, wore lemon-yellow spats and played cards in a regular game with Al Capone. He drank rum and ginger-ale.

He lived in Detroit. I'm not sure what his line of work was.

His wife, my grandmother Carrie, used to say that we come into the world knowing everything.

An angel puts a finger to our lips to silence us and make us forget.

That's why we have an indentation in our upper lip.

That's why sometimes it's better not to say anything.