Composting signs in the Dining Center.

Composting diverts food and other materials out of landfills.

Haverford College Dining Services is committed to providing the most environmentally friendly dining program possible and one that supports the Haverford Community.

  • Food Composting

    The Dining Center composts all pre and post-consumer food waste.

  • Recycling

    We recycle in both the Dining Center and The Coop, and provide recycling at all of our outdoor special events. In our offices, napkins and paper made from recycled paper, to reduce waste, and all print cartridges are recycled.

  • Local Product Sourcing

    Currently the Dining Center purchases local dairy products and breads, as well as local fruits, vegetables, and meats whenever possible.

  • Fair Trade Coffees & Teas

    All dining operations feature fair trade coffees. We proudly serve Peets Coffee and Tea in The Coop and Sun Coffee in the Dining Center.

  • Meatless Monday

    With featured meatless options, patrons may choose to participate in this global campaign to go meatless one day a week for their health and the health of the planet.

  • Ceramic Service

    The Dining Center uses ceramic plates and mugs, reusable cups, and metal silverware for in house service to minimize disposable waste.

  • Trayless Dining

    Trayless dining helps cut food waste, conserve water, and reduces energy consumption.

  • Living Wage

    Full and part time employees in Dining Services are paid above the living wage for the Philadelphia area.

  • CER

    Dining Services partners with the Committee for Environmental Responsibility to identify opportunities for sustainable practices within our operation.

  • Cleaning Chemicals

    Our dining operations use Ecolab cleaning chemicals in concentrates, used with auto-diluting systems and reusable spray bottles, reducing shipping and disposal needs.

  • Waste Oil Pickup

    The waste oil from our dining halls is picked up to find its second life as bio-diesel.