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Dining Services: Cage-free Eggs for Bi-Co Dining Facilities

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Cage-free Eggs for Bi-Co Dining Facilities

Many members of the Haverford community may have seen a petition recently regarding the purchase of “cage-free” eggs for our Dining Center.  This is part of a larger campaign by the Humane League of
Philadelphia to have colleges and universities switch to using "cage-free" eggs in their dining facilities.  We understand the importance of supporting humane and sustainable farming and food production.   We are now a bi-co dining operation, and both Bryn Mawr and Haverford are researching this issue.

The switch to more sustainable products often carries a cost. Changing to cage-free eggs would cost each college approximately $30,000 per year, something that has to be taken into consideration. We plan to listen to concerns and suggestion from students and other members of the bi-co community in making any decision.

The College has adopted many sustainable food practices:  offering vegan and vegetarian options at every meal, increasing the purchase of local products including apples and other seasonal fruits from a local farm (Highland Orchards), serving fairly traded coffee at every dining operation on campus, hosting special dinners using only local products, holding "meat out" dining events, and engaging in extensive
recycling in all our dining operations.

Disposable products in the dining halls are mostly bio-degradable, donations are made to Philabundance and St. John’s Hospice in Philadelphia at closings before break, and all of Dining Service's waste oil is picked up and processed into diesel fuel.  Additionally, two environmentally-centered student groups are supported by allowing them to make their purchases of local and organic foods through Dining Services.

If you have any questions about the issue, please contact me, Bernie Chung (Director of Bi-College Dining Services), or