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Haverford College

Sophomore Year Experience

Sophomore Year Experience: Departmental Peer Advisors

A New Resource for Sophomores

There are a variety of sources of information about the various academic departments and the major programs within each department. These include, but are not limited to: departmental faculty, student majors, department web sites, and the Haverford College Catalog. We urge you to use all of the resources at your disposal.

That said, it has been suggested that some students might prefer or find it easier to have a first conversation with a fellow student about a particular department and the major. Intended to supplement, but not supplant, the information sources noted above, a new program, designed expressly for sophomores, has been put into place: Departmental Peer Advisors. These are junior or senior majors who have been selected by their respective departments to serve as peer sources of information about the department, the major program and its requirements, and the major experience.

Departmental Peer Advisors

Name and contact information for the peer advisor(s) in the fields in which you may wish to major:

Department Name & Class Year Email Address
Astronomy Megan Bedell '12
Astronomy Andrew Sturner '12
Astrophysics Maya Barlev '12
Astrophysics Erin Boettcher '12
Biology Jamie Croucher '12
Biology Alexa-Rae Pesce '12
Biology Faraz Sohail '12
Biology James Taggart '13
Biology Liz Willis '13
Chemistry Anna Brockway '12
Chemistry Sara Hess '13
Chemistry Jacob Olshansky '12
Chemistry Greg Whitehill '13
Classics Jacob Horn '13
Classics Matt Liscovitz '13
Comparative Literature Jacob Horn '13
Computer Science Rose Abernathy '13
Computer Science Ian Burnette '12
East Asian Studies Chris Tyson '13
Economics Stephen Lazzaro '13
Economics Eli Schwarz '13
English Natasha Cohen-Carroll '13
English Emmett Culhane '13
English Noelia Hobeika '13
English David Whitcomb '13
Fine Arts Jon Appel '12
Fine Arts Christine Sanchez '12
French Arielle Harris '13
German Mary Lane '12
German Kim McPhearson Wegel '12
History Emily Bailinson '13
History Lizzy Douglas '13
History Karl Hagnauer '13
History Alex Tonsing '13
Linguistics Andy Jenness '12
Linguistics Rebecca Knowles '12
Mathematics Katie Comey '12
Mathematics Emma Sawin '13
Mathematics Josh Weiss '12
Mathematics Matt Mazewski
Music Jonathan Colvson '12
Philosophy Nazzi Soroush '13
Philosophy Robert Thorstad '12
Philosophy Lizzy Wingfield '12
Physics Katie Van Aken '12
Physics Quentin Sherman '12
Political Science Dan Salem '13
Political Science Hannah Solomon-Strauss '12
Psychology Emily Dix '12
Psychology Ben Van Son '13
Religion Pauline Dunoyer '13
Religion Michael Riccio '13
Sociology Dan Ikeda '13
Sociology Michael Riccio '13
Spanish Ivana Evans '12
Spanish Annelise Herskowitz '12
Spanish Olivia Swomley '12