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Haverford College

Pre-Health Advising

Guide for Applicants: Timeline for Application

This is a general schedule for applying to either medical or dental school (entering the fall of 2012).


Fall 2013

November Come to the pre-health meeting.
  Register for the MCAT if you are taking the test in January. (Register two months before the test date for best testing site.)
  Sign your waiver slip for your recommendations. Begin to think about potential recommenders. If certain about wanting a letter from a particular individual who is off-campus, (e.g. summer camp supervisor, summer research lab principal investigator) you may request a letter from that person. Provide him or her with a recommendation form and a stamped envelope with the appropriate address.

Please let Cheryl Mathes know to expect a letter from a recommender so she can be sure to put it in your file.

You will want about 6 letters of recommendation (minimum 4).
: 2 recommendations from science faculty; 1-2 from major; 1-2 from non- science faculty; 1-2 from work experience; 1-2 from other extracurricular. In addition, some schools, including Harvard, are requiring letters of recommendation from all principal investigators or supervisors in any lab where you have worked. If you are applying to M.D./Ph.D. programs then you will want letters of recommendation from supervisors of all your laboratory experiences.
Not suggested: friend of family with no pre-health connection; fellow Haverford student; VIP who has not worked with you or taught you.

Spring 2014

January Come to pre-health meeting. Fill out Student Data Sheet, Choice of Medicine as a Career.
January - March Schedule 45 minute initial applicant meeting with Michele Taylor to discuss application and list of recommenders. Provide Michele with completed forms, including Student Data Sheet and Choice of Medicine as a Career.
March 10 Provide list of recommenders.
March 14 Deadline for students to provide completed Choice of Medicine as a Career form, Student/Alumni Data Sheet, Waiver, Resume and final list of recommenders to Pre-Health Office.
March 28 First and preferred deadline for office receipt of letters of recommendation. Deadline for 45 minute applicant meeting with Michele Taylor to review forms and discuss application.
April Pre-Health Committee Meeting.
January - June Optimal time to take MCAT (scores should be received w/in 30 days.)
April - May Schedule another meeting to meet with Michele Taylor, get feedback on AMCAS essay, discuss schools, etc.
May AMCAS application online, can be filled out but not yet submitted.
May After spring grades are complete, send official transcripts from all undergraduate (and graduate) schools attended to AMCAS, AADSAS,  AACOMAS, TMDSAS etc.

May 30

Deadline for quick feedback on AMCAS personal statement essay.

Summer 2014

June AMCAS, AADSAS, AACOMAS can be submitted.
June 10 Final deadline for receipt of recommendations.
June 16 - August 30 Cheryl posts committee letters on AAMCAS and Virtual Eval upon receipt of a copy of your AMCAS, AACOMAS, AADSAS, TMDSAS application. She will also require your AMCAS Letter I.D. Number in order to post your committee letter.

Fall and Spring 2014-2015

July through Fall AMCAS verifies transcripts on applications, medical schools request secondaries. Ideal turn around time for secondaries is 2 weeks.
  Schools downloading committee letter/recommendations from Virtual Eval; or some programs will be requesting mailed packets. This is especially the case for M.D./Ph.D. programs, so be sure to check with the requirements of individual schools.
September – February Interviews at medical, dental, osteopathic schools.
October – August Acceptances and rejections. (After mid-March accepted off waitlist.) Many schools are rolling admissions, some schools advise of acceptance in late April or by May 1.
Late February Schools share information about where you are accepted.
February-April Revisits scheduled in order to help applicants decide on medical school.
May 15 Accepted applicants only permitted to hold one acceptance by May 15.
May – August Some students will be accepted off waitlists. Be sure to have a Plan B if that doesn’t happen.