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Haverford College

Pre-Health Advising

Guide for First and Second Year Students:
Course Requirements & Curriculum Summary

For the most up-to-date information about course requirements, check out the 2008-09 Medical School Admissions Requirements (MSAR) handbook available in the Pre-Health Office.


English Requirements

One year of English can usually* be fulfilled with a first year writing seminar and an additional course in the English or another humanities department, completed before matriculation into medical school.

*Each medical school has its own English or Writing requirement. Most schools will accept writing intensive courses from humanities or social sciences departments, but an occasional school will insist on courses taken strictly in an English department.

Check school-specific English Requirements (PDF).


Math Requirements

At Haverford, a full year of calculus or college math could be made up of Calculus I (Math 113 = one credit), taught in a standard version in the fall, or as an intensive version for students requiring added support in the spring. The second credit could be made up of two half-credit sections: e.g. Introduction to Integral Calculus (Math 114), and Series and Complex Numbers (Math 115), or Probability Distributions (Math 116). Math 116’s focus on probability and statistics can prove useful for biomedical research and medicine. For those who want to take further coursework in statistics, Statistical Methods and their Applications (Math 203) would be appropriate.

Check medical school-specific Math Requirements (PDF).
Check dental school-specific Math Requirements (PDF).


Science Requirements

  • Two years of Chemistry, with lab
    At Haverford, this can be fulfilled variously by General Chemistry, with lab (Chem 100a/101b) and Organic Chemistry, with lab (Chem 220a/221b); OR Advanced General Chemistry (Chem 105a), Organic Chemistry (Chem 220a/221b), and either Biochemistry of Proteins and Nucleic Acids (Bio 300a/Chem 300a) or another advanced chemistry class.
  • One year of Biology, with lab
    Can be fulfilled with Cell Structure and Function (Bio 200a, 200b).
  • One year of Physics, with lab
    Can be fulfilled with Classical and Modern Physics I and II (Physics 101/102) or Fundamental Physics (Physics 105/106).
  • Biochemistry

Check medical school-specific Science Requirements (PDF).
Check dental school-specific Science Requirements (PDF).