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Haverford College

Pre-Health Advising

Guide for Applicants



Guide For Applying to Medical or Osteopathic School for Undergrads and Alumnae 12 (PDF)

Online Program Track

Interviewing for Medical School

Cost of Applying to Dental School
Financing a Dental Education

Cost of Applying to Medical School
Information provided by the AAMC.

Timeline for Application
An eighteen-month timeline clarifying the application cycle and deadlines for applicants to medical, dental, and osteopathic schools.

MCAT Test-Taking Guide
Information on preparing for, registering for, and taking the MCAT.

How do I...Prepare for the MCAT 2015 Exam

Transitioning from current MCAT to MCAT 2015

Statistics on Medical and Dental School testing and GPA ranges.

If you are planning on applying to public health programs, or to a program to train for such professions as occupational therapy, physical therapy, physician assistant, veterinary medicine, clinical psychology, etc., you will, most likely, have to take the GRE. Please check out various e-book versions of that (and other tests) on Tripod.