Offices and Resources

  • Academic Affairs

    The Office of Academic Affairs coordinates an array of services geared to support the academic needs and promote the best academic interests of all Haverford students.

    Academic Affairs Website

  • Athletics

    The Athletic Department is committed to the belief that physical education is an integral component of each student's liberal arts education and offers a wide range of athletic opportunities for both men and women designed to meet the diverse and changing interests of its students body within the college's mission of excellence and individual growth.

    Athletics Website

  • Campus Safety

    Campus Safety of Haverford College is dedicated to keeping the campus a secure and healthy place to live, work, and study. Security can be reached at (610) 896-1111.

    Campus Safety Website

    Safety Alerts
  • Center for Career & Professional Advising

    The Center for Career & Professional Advising (CCPA) fosters career exploration, professional growth for students and alumni, networking and outreach with employers.

    CCPA Website

  • Counseling & Psychological Services

    Services are available without charge to all full-time Haverford students. College faculty and other Haverford employees also may meet with us for a variety of reasons, including personal concerns and issues of student development.


  • Customs

    Customs is Haverford's First-Year Experience program, which includes a five-day orientation immediately preceding the fall semester. It is a yearlong program that involves nearly 200 upperclass students supporting, in a multiplicity of ways, the first-year class in their transition from high school to college life at Haverford.

    Customs Website

    View photos from customs on the HaverBlog.

  • Dining Services

    Dining Services feels that enjoying food with students and other members of the community is crucial to the development of the student as well as to the vitality of the Haverford experience. Dining Services is comprised of the Dining Center, The Coop, and Catering Services.

    Dining Services Website

  • Disability Services

    Haverford College is committed to providing a liberal arts education in the broadest sense. Students with disabilities who meet the College's standards for admission matriculate each year. They perform well academically and lead fulfilling lives in the Haverford community.

    Disability Services Website

  • Eighth Dimension

    8th Dimension is Haverford's Office of Community Service. We exist to provide community service opportunities to all members of the Haverford Community and to promote service and experiential learning as part of a well-rounded education.

    Eighth Dimension Website

  • FIG

    FIG is an independent student-run organization at Haverford College for students with interests in computers, web design, programming, and other computing resources. FIG works closely with both Instructional & Information Technology Services and the Haverford Students Association.

    FIG Website

  • First-Year Experience

    After Customs Week is over, there are a plethora of people and resources all readily available to help you successfully transition into college life.

    First-Year Website

  • For Parents

    Whether you volunteer your time, participate in events, or share your resources through the Parents' Fund, you can make a positive contribution and more fully appreciate your Ford's college experience.

    Parents Website

  • Health Services

    Health Services provides health promotion, education and medical care to all registered students who have completed their medical records forms. Over-the-counter medications for minor cold/flu symptoms and condoms are available free of charge.

    Health Services Website

    Regular Hours

    Mon–Thurs: 9am–6pm
    Fri: 9am–5pm

    For emergencies on campus contact security at 610-896-1111 or call 911.

  • Honor Council

    Through the Honor Code, Haverford students enjoy a bond of trust and mutual respect that shapes all aspects of their academic and community lives. The Honor Code encompasses both the academic and social spheres of life, influencing everything from the spirit of intellectual inquiry to personal interactions.

    Honor Council Website


    If you would like Honor Council to discuss a topic, or to discuss topics others have brought, come to one of our Community Forums, or email

  • International Students Services

    The International Students Services Office (ISSO) was created to provide support to all international students during their academic studies at Haverford College. The office provides a variety of resources, including assisting students with maintaining legal status and adjusting to the United States culture.

    ISSO Website

  • Multicultural Affairs

    The Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) sustains and carries out Haverford College’s commitment to diversity by supporting student programs, faculty initiatives, and curricular innovations that cultivate a vibrant and multifaceted intellectual community.

    Multicultural Affairs Website

  • Office of Academic Resources

    The Office of Academic Resources (OAR) offers students an array of services designed to enhance their academic potential and supplement the many academic and enrichment opportunities already available to them through their course work and research at Haverford College.

    OAR Website

  • Pre-Health

    The Pre-Health Office serves Haverford students and alumni who are interested in the health professions, including medicine, osteopathy, public health, dentistry, nursing, podiatry, physical therapy and more.

    Pre-Health Website

  • Pre-Law

    Before looking into how to apply to Law Schools, it is very important to understand why you are applying to law school. For the right reasons, law school can be an incredible and life-altering experience that will take you to the next stage of your intended career.

    Pre-Law Website

  • Registrar

    The Registrar manages course registrations and records related to every aspect of a student's academic experience.

    Registrar Website

  • Religious & Spiritual Life

    Haverford College students engage in a wide variety of religious and spiritual activities. These activities may be affiliated with local places of worship, or they may be student led and designed.

    Religious & Spiritual Life Website

    Worship Map

    We've created a Google Map to help you find local places of worship.

  • Residential Life

    Haverford is a residential college with over 98% of students living in campus housing. Student housing is overwhelmingly coed, and residence halls offer a wide variety of accommodations from 4-person apartments to suites and singles.

    Residential Life Website

  • Sexual Misconduct

    Haverford College does not tolerate sexual misconduct (sexual harassment and sexual assault, including rape). The College is committed to helping students affected by sexual misconduct deal with its impact.

    Sexual Misconduct Website

    Emergency Contacts
    • Police: 911
    • Campus Safety: (610) 896-1111
    • Rape & Sexual Assault Student Assistants: (484) 571-2775
  • Sophomore Year

    Sophomore year is a pivotal one in which considerable thought needs to be given to important decisions about your personal and academic direction that will set you on a course for your final two years at Haverford and beyond. This culminates in April, with the declaration of the major.

    Sophomore Year Website

  • Student Activities & Leadership

    Serves as a resource to individual students, members of clubs and organizations, and faculty and staff members throughout the planning, development, and implementation processes of organizing campus-wide co-curricular events that are student-run and educational and social in nature.

    Student Activities Website

  • Students' Council

    Students' Council is an elected body that advocates on behalf of students, serves as representatives to the Board of Managers, appoints students to all major committees at the College, and distributes the activities budget to all student clubs and groups.

    Students' Council Website

  • Study Abroad

    Haverford College encourages interested students to spend a semester or a year abroad as part of their Haverford education. Expand, complement and enrich your undergraduate education, improve language skills, and perhaps find a new perspective on a college major.

    Study Abroad Website

  • Women's Center

    The Haverford College Women's Center is a safe, non-political space on campus that is open to both women and men.

    Women's Center Website

  • Writing Center

    At the Writing Center, peer tutors and faculty members are available to talk with you at any stage of a writing project, from brainstorming ideas and framing a thesis to polishing syntax and style.

    Writing Center Website