Research Internships

How you link your studies to events in the "real world" matters.

Research internships give Haverford and Bryn Mawr students the opportunity to fully immerse themselves with issues of contemporary and historical significance, pursuing their passions.

While we prefer to fund research which is related to a senior thesis, if a strong need to pursue research related to another stream of studies, students are welcome to present their ideas in a meeting with the relevant program coordinator.

Students who have received funding in the past have noted that the experience greatly enhanced their understandings of the issues they were investigating and significantly enriched their thesis work. Please note that we encourage longer research stays or more on-going research, versus shorter stays or one-time visits due to the fact that decisions are made on a relative cost-benefit analysis.

CPGC research internships take a variety of forms, from archival research towards a senior thesis to participatory action research with social change activists. We have found that those students who base their research with NGOs or teams of academics actively pursuing research have a more productive and positive experience than those whose proposals are only for archival research.


Kathleen Ulrich '14 received funding to conduct research in Sao Paulo on discourses of biofuels in Brazil.