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Computer Science "QuaCS" Teaching Lab: Koshland INSC H110

Availability/Access to lab computers (schedule | status )

This lab is available to students as long as there is not class or lab scheduled, see the weekly schedule to confirm. The lab is staffed in the evenings Sunday through Thursday, 7 - 9 pm. It is also possible to work over the network: see the Guide to Accessing Your Projects from Outside the H110 Lab.

In case of trouble in/with the lab:

Consult this list of things that can go wrong and what to do about them, and/or send email to

Access to files for assignments

Once in the lab, you'll need to start Eclipse and configure it to work for your course. See the Setting up Eclipse for the CS Teaching Lab (for Python projects) and Using Eclipse to Obtain (and Submit) Lab Work pages.

The aforelinked documents, and additional documents about using the H110 lab, are available in this GoogleDocs folder.


The following software is available on the QuaCS cluster, for course work. If you are trying to set up your computer to work in the same way, this can serve as a starting point:

Note that all of the above software is freely available (just follow the links), so you can install and use these programs on your own computer, but see the warning at the end of Option 2 of the Guide to Accessing Your Projects from Outside the H110 Lab. Note that PyDev can only be installed for Eclipse 3.3 if you take off the checked "Pydev optional extensions" so that those will not be installed.

If you want to work on your labs on another computer, you'll also have to get any Haverford-specific files, such as the file for stating preconditions and postconditions, or equivalent libraries for running C++ programs (request via email or copy the file Haverford-course-support.tgz from /home/courses/).


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