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Computer Science Education Summer Institute 2008 Schedule

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:30 Continential Breakfast, Koshland INSC H208 (Math Lounge)
Between Reality and the Virtual:
Education in the 21st Century

Paul Grobstein

Professor of Biology
Bryn Mawr College
Monisha Pulimood

The College of New Jersey
CS Unplugged
Tom Cortina

Carnegie Mellon University
Media Computation
Dan Falabella

Albright College
  • Teaching with Music
    JD Dougherty

    Haverford College
    Lunch (Koshland INSC Zubrow Commons) Lunch
    Dora Wong
    Science Library
    Haverford College
    click for demos
    CS Unplugged
    Media Computation
    Concluding Activities
    & Assessment

    All sessions in Koshland INSC H204 unless otherwise indicated.

    The goals of the Institute are to promote reflection and discussion about the role of computing in education, as well as the definitions of computer science as realized in K-12 programs. Participants will engage in a series of presentations and sessions to review current and future trends in the preparation of students to effectively utilize computing and information technology. This year marks the second annual Institute at Haverford, and is based on a successful model originally developed at Bryn Mawr College about science education. All of this work is funded by HHMI.

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  • Pre-workshop survey for CSESI 2008
  • Monday (bio/library)
  • Tuesday (Scratch)
  • Wednesday (CS Unplugged)
  • Thursday (media computation)
  • Friday (teaching with music, conclusions)
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  • other HHMI K-12 Summer Institutes on Science Education
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