Getting a pack: front or back? 


On the one hand, you want to relieve the strain on your arms as they pull on your shoulders.  On the other hand, you want to strengthen your shoulder muscles to stabilize the scapula.  Getting a backpack will help, but they can be difficult to get on and off because it requires hyperextension of the pectoral muscles.  A simpler solution is a frontpack, whose only disadvantage is that it requires developing a good sense of coordination when descending stairs, but I found this easy after several weeks of practice (but it is always good to hold the handrail, sort of like wearing a seatbelt in a car).  The only company that Iím aware of that specifically makes a Front-Pack is Prefero, and they come in many sizes (the large is good for men, and the medium is good for women).  It looks like you are wearing a baby carrier without the baby, and is extremely functional. 


A pack also makes it much easier to open doors, because you can use both hands.