We offer two types of courses:

  1. Language courses from the elementary to the advanced level that explore Greek and Latin literature
  2. Classical studies courses requiring no knowledge of Greek or Latin that explore topics in Greek and Roman literature, culture and society and their relation to the later western cultural tradition.

All members of the faculty teach courses of both kinds and at all levels; our classes are generally small (most under twenty students, some under ten), and we emphasize discussion.

Our department has a close collaborative relationship with Bryn Mawr’s Department of Greek, Latin, and Classical Studies: we plan our curriculum together, share the teaching, and work together with students at both colleges. Bryn Mawr is a only a mile from campus and is easily accessible via the college-run "Blue Bus" This means that students have the opportunity to study with eight faculty specializing in Classics.

In addition to these core faculty members, additional faculty in the Haverford and Bryn Mawr departments of Archaeology (at Bryn Mawr), Comparative Literature, English, History, Philosophy, Political Science, and Religion, teach courses and conduct research on subjects related to the ancient world.

Current Courses

Bryn Mawr
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