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Academic Program: Senior Experience & Thesis


The senior experience in the Department of Classics builds towards the writing of a senior thesis (typically 35 to 45 pages) on a topic of the student's choice, under the guidance of two faculty members. Senior Seminar, a collaboratively taught, weekly course conducted during the fall semester, provides a forum in which students are introduced to a variety of theoretical approaches, further develop the ability to read and critique scholarship, and learn about resources for research in the field; it also gives them an opportunity to craft an interesting and appropriate question that they will explore in the thesis they write during the spring semester.

Goals for the senior thesis

In the process of writing the senior thesis, students should acquire and demonstrate:

  • The ability to craft an interesting and appropriate question in order to make a new contribution to the field of Classics.
  • The ability to read relevant ancient texts, in the original languages as appropriate, and to discuss and analyze classical culture.
  • A familiarity with relevant modern scholarship and engagement with the methods and standards of the discipline of Classics
  • The ability to develop an article-length paper, consisting of original work, under the mentorship of two faculty

Thesis assessment

The thesis is evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Formulation of the question and of the thesis that emerges.
  • Familiarity with and understanding of primary texts
  • Originality of approach and/or conclusions
  • Use of evidence
  • Logical development of argument
  • Clarity of writing
  • Degree to which the thesis is grounded in current knowledge about antiquity, demonstrates understanding of relevant methodological and theoretical issues, and meets the standards of the discipline of Classics.





The Battlefield of History: Megara, Athens, and the Mythic Past from 600 BC to 250 BC Horn, Shannon 2014
Shaping the Hero: The Achillean Figure within Batman Lopez, Rogelio 2014
Sophrosyne in Plato and Methodius Mongoven, Emma K. 2014
Cicero and the Lion’s Roar: An Examination of Churchill’s Use of Ciceronian Rhetoric to Justify WWII and Motivate the Allies Reale, Gabriel J. 2014
Security and Internal Conflict in the Arkhidamian War Rothman, Harris S. 2014
“Legends Malleable in His Intellectual Furnace”: Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Wonder Book, Mythological Adaptation, and Children’s Literature Horn, Jacob 2013
Time and the Self in Seneca’s De Brevitate Vitae Walter, Benjamin Z. 2013
Πολιτικός Ἔρως: Alcibiades’ Love in Thucydides and Plato Olin, Nicholas J. 2013
Virtus, Clementia, and Caesar’s Left-Hand Man: Lucan’s Lament of Republican Ethics Liscovitz, Matthew 2013
The Rage of a Hero in the Song of the Nightingale Foxley, Florencia 2013
Dangerous Fugues: Sirens, Divas, and the Dangerous Voice Silverblank, Hannah 2012
Hated Hades and Provoked Pluto: Characterizing Hades, Pluto, and the transition between the Greek and Roman Gods in antiquity and in the modern works of Rick Riordan Lee, James 2012
Glick, Frances R. Reconciling Fratricide: The Narration of Violence in the Roman Foundation Myth 2011
Keogh, Abby Imagining an Italian Stallion: Natural Imagery and Ethnic Identity in the Aeneid 2011
Lopatin, Alexander J. The Pivotal Theios Aner: (Re)invented Conservatism in Philostratus’ Life of Apollonius of Tyana 2011
Reisman, Asher Jacob Divine Embodiment and Cosmic Tragedy in Prometheus Desmotes 2011
Williams, Nicole Beware of Gods Bearing Gifts: Gift Exchange, the Greeks, and Their Gods 2010
Buckingham, Emma The Development and Socioeconomic Contexts of Special Techniques in Athenian Vase-Painting: A Case Study in Six’s Technique, Coral-Red and White- Ground 2010
Zakheim, Adam Hoplite Centrism and Aristocratic Idealism in Thucydides’ History 2010
LeFrancois , Meghan Love as Recollection in Plato’s Symposium 2010
Cavanagh, Mark The Anatomy of Rationalization: A Reprieve for Heroic Mythological Exegesis in Philostratus’ Heroicus 2010
Sergeon, Vanessa Homeric Story-Telling in Heliodorus’ An Ethiopian Story 2010
Miller, Mara The Language of Built Form as a Blueprint for Comedy in Plautus’ Mostellaria and Miles Gloriosus 2010
Keogh, Aileen Married Mortals in Ovid’s Metamorphoses 2010
Carroll, Thomas Aeneas in the New World: Reshaping the Interpretive Motif in Barlow’s Columbiad 2010
Pollack, Lara Amazons in the Amphora: Traces of the Defeated Other in Wonder Woman Comics 2010
Gafford, Cassandra Comprehending Catastrophe: A Study in Earthquakes in Literature of the Second Century CE 2009
Subashi, Alexander Thoma Notions of Literary Materiality in Pindar's Epinikia and Statius' Silvae 2009
Derbew, Sarah Educatio et alimenta puellis: Munificence or Political Tricks of Emperors? 2009
Iodice, Julia Helen of Troy in Contemporary Greek Lyric Poetry 2008
Potestio, Greg The Ancient Obsession: Europe's Reception of the Classical Greek Legacy in the Time Period of the Greek War of Independence 2008
Lebowitz, Willy Complex Unity: "Self" and Deliberation in Homer's Odyssey and Iliad 2008
Rodriguez, Evan Making Sense of Socrates in a Dialogue of Contradictions: Studies in Plato's Protagoras 2008
Baratz, Katharine Bene dicendi scientia: “The power of speech/To stir men’s blood”? Quintilian’s Institutio Oratoria and Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar 2007
Higgins-Biddle, Molly Defending the Lysis: Reciprocity in Friendship and Desire 2007
Yarbrough, Colin ??? 2007
Shahla, Alex ??? 2007
Klos, Alison Ostensible Agency: The Rape of the Sabine Women from a Feminist Perspective 2007
Rubinstein, Eric Envisioning the Narrative Voice as Parasitis 2004
Badtke-Berkow, Joseph Ending Oedipus 2002
Walsh, Christine Tales of Terror and Fear in the Liminal Creature: A Look at Petronius' Cena Trimalchionis, Apuleius' Metamorphoses, and Pliny's Letter 7.27 2002
Dwyer, Jason An Examination of Catullus' Use of Sappho in the Lesbia Series 2001
Walsh, Catherine Women in the Life of Titus Pomponius Atticus 2000
Zito, Nicole Ovid's Women of Stone 1999
Durham, Alexandra Capies, Tu Modo Tende Plagas: Repetition and Inversion of the Hunting Metaphor in Roman Love Elegy 1999
Vaccaro, Jacob Mythical, Historical and Allegorical Narratives in Till We Have Faces 1998
Hoguet, Laura From Troy to Rome: History and Mythology in Virgil's Aeneid 1998
Gardiner, Anna S. Clodia/Claudia: Reconsidering Images from Cicero's Letters and Pro Caelio 1996
Wolpert, Aaron Material Evidence for the Compositional Phases of Homeric Epic 1995
Christy, Elizabeth Narratological Metamorphoses: A Study of the Narrator Stance in Apuleius' Metamorphoses 1993
Cohen, Elizabeth S. Goddess, Wife, and Whore: The Role of the Cult of Isis in Roman Society and How It Is Reflected in the Elegists: Ovid, Tibullus and Propertius 1992
DiLorenzo, Kate Relationships to the Muses' Gift in the Epic Poets and Sappho 1992
De Jong, Sarah The Literature of the Early Reign of Nero as it Reflects the Ideology of the Imperial Cult at Rome 1990
Burnett, Lee Pope and Horace Sermones II.i: A Study in Imitation 1990
Null, Amy Anaphoric and Proximate Reference: Reflexive Forms in Classical 1988
Goldman, Arthur Steven Integration and Coherence in Philo of Alexandria's On the Account of the World's Creation as Given by Moses 1986
Everett, Andrea Women Together: The Dialectic of Empathy and Hostility in Greek Tragedy 1985
La Spada, Salvatore Cornelii Taciti Historiae: A Close Character Study 1982

Author (name from title page)



John Howard Redfield, Jr.

The Life and Teachings of Socrates


Heber Sensenig

The Olympian and Pythian Games


Joseph John Barclay

Codification of Roman Law by Emperor Justinian


John Sharpless Fox

The Rise of the Papacy


Richard Mott Gummere

The Roman Religion in its Essential Features, Nature, Deities, and Decline


Charles Harper Smith

Influence of the Sea upon Euripides


J.E. Hollingsworth

The Ethics of Homer as found in the Iliad and the Odyssey


John Charles

The Production of a Greek Play


Philip Donald Folwell

The Scholar of the Middle Ages


John Roberts Thomas

A History of Isthmian Canal Failures


Andrew, Adelbert Owen



Bales, Thomas Menroy

What we Owe to Greece


Ohl, Frederick William


Smith, Manning James

Aeilus Sejanus


Spaeth, Sigmund Gottfried

The Development of Instrumental Music


White, Lyndon Lea



Thomas Kite Brown, Jr.

The Legend of Oedipus Tyrannus


Gordon Harwood Graves

John Milton's Silvarum Liber done into English Verse


Elliott Bartram Richards

The Literary Art of Oedipus Tyrannus


Joseph Cooper Birdsall

Horace: A Study of the Roman Satire and its Development


Howard Mitchell, Jr.

The Development of the Christian Ministry during the First Three Centuries


Sargent, Winthrop Jr.

On Musaeus: The Tale of Hero and Leander


Killen, Clarence Creadick

Chaucer's Use of Classic Materials


Kitchen, Paul Cliff

Some Facts and Conclusions about the Earlier Middle Ages


Sandt, Walter Correll

A Study of the Life and Works of Marcus Aurelius


Shoemaker, Edwin

The Development of the Papacy to a Position of Supremacy in the Church, 100 to 867


Watson, Matthew Herbert

The Religiousness of the Greeks


Williams, William Loyd Garrison

The Life and Works of Sidonius Apollinaris and Their Significance


Mc Kay, Howard F.



Post, L. Arnold

Greek and English Epic


Shero, Lucius R.

ΑΛΚIΦΡΟΝΟΣ ΡΗΤΟΡΟΣ Translated (in part) with Introduction by L.R. Shero


Wadsworth, Charles 3rd

St. Augustine: A short treatise on his life, his thought, his work and his theology.


Froelicher, Hans Jr.

Socrates: the Significance of his Life in the History of Greek Thought


Lowry, Herbert Mendenhall

Theodoric: His Influence on the History of Italy


Marshburn, Albert Lawrence

The Fatum of Lucretius and Vergil


Maule, Edmund Richardson

The History of the Ancient Church


Offermann, Harry

The idea of Φιλανθρωπία Among the Greeks


Winslow, George Leiper

St. Paul and the Council of Jerusalem


Garrigues, John Kittera

A Parallel Study of Greek and Roman Religious Education


Gummere, John Westcott

Drama and the Ancient Greek Drama


McNeill, Joseph

Pagan Rivals to Christ


Whipple, Paul Kimball

The Legal Status of the Roman Freewoman


Dunlap, George Arthur


Kuhns, John



Stone, Albert Hendrix

The Development of Classicism in the Poetry of John Keats


Wendell, Douglas Cary

The Development of Classicism in John Keats as shown by his Letters


Barker, Albert Winslow

The Subjective Factor in Greek Architectural Design


Spaeth, John William, Jr.

Alexandrinism in the Poetry of Catullus


Long, Charles-Francis

Aulus Cornelius Celsus, Medicus


Townsend, Alfred J.

Roman Private Games and Sports