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Marathon: Apuleius' Golden Ass. Intende Lector!

For our 7th annual Classics Marathon, faculty and students gathered on October 26 for a participatory reading of Apuleius' Golden Ass or Metamorphosis, a Latin text of the 2nd century C.E. and one of the oldest novels in the western literary tradition.  Apuleius' narrator tells the tale of his transformation into a donkey and his subsequent adventures: the main narrative and the numerous stories it incorporates offer us a mélange of adventure, comedy, horror, fairy-tale, social satire, and religious epiphany.  

Apuleius concludes his prologue with the words lector intende: laetaberis ("Reader, pay attention: you'll have fun").  We invite you to share in the fun.  Would-be readers (no experience needed) can drop in any time and take a turn.  Listeners are also welcome.