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Academic Program: Learning Goals

Learning Goals for Classics Majors

  • A capacity to read Greek, Latin, or both at a basic level (for majors in Classical Culture and Society) or at an advanced level (for majors in Greek, Latin, or Classical Languages)
  • A shared familiarity with the core texts on the bi-college Classics majors’ reading list.
  • A capacity for the close reading and interpretation of texts and other cultural artifacts.
  • A sense of the historical and cultural context of texts, ideas, and events.
  • A capacity to engage with and critically evaluate secondary literature.
  • An acquaintance with central theoretical issues and approaches in the field.
  • A mastery of basic research skills in the field.
  • A capacity for critical thinking and argument.

Goals for the Senior Thesis

In the process of writing the senior thesis, students should acquire and demonstrate:

  • The ability to craft an interesting and appropriate question in order to make a new contribution to the field of Classics.
  • The ability to read relevant ancient texts, in the original languages as appropriate, and to discuss and analyze classical culture.
  • A familiarity with relevant modern scholarship and engagement with the methods and standards of the discipline of Classics.
  • The ability to develop an article-length paper, consisting of original work, under the mentorship of two faculty.

Thesis Assessment

The thesis is evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Formulation of the question and of the thesis that emerges.
  • Familiarity with and understanding of primary texts
  • Originality of approach and/or conclusions
  • Use of evidence
  • Logical development of argument
  • Clarity of writing
  • Degree to which the thesis is grounded in current knowledge about antiquity, demonstrates understanding of relevant methodological and theoretical issues, and meets the standards of the discipline of Classics