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Academic Program: Course Sequence

Sequence of Latin and Greek Courses

Students at Haverford have access to an extensive sequence of courses in Greek and Latin. We offer introductory courses in both languages every year, and our collaboration with Bryn Mawr means that we can give students opportunities to do work at the intermediate, advanced, and seminar levels.

Introductory courses are taught every year and assume no knowledge of the language. After learning the basics, students usually spend the second half of the second semester reading and discussing works of ancient literature. In recent years, students have read Plato's Crito and Lysias' On the Murder of Eratosthenes, selections of Ovid and Vergil, and more.

Intermediate and advanced courses investigate various themes, genres, and topics of ancient language and culture. As the level of the language increases and a student's ability with Latin and Greek matures, we place an increasing emphasis on discussion and critical analysis. Each of the intermediate courses is offered every year. The Advanced Greek courses are taught every year; Advanced Latin courses are cycled through every other year (usually with LATN201 & 202 taught one year, and LATN203 & 204 taught the next).

Students who have completed the advanced (200) level in either language also have the opportunity to pursue graduate-level courses. These are usually taught at Bryn Mawr, but with the regular participation of Haverford faculty.


Greek Courses

Latin Courses


GREK001-002: Elementary Greek LATN001-002: Elementary Latin

(Second Year)

Fall GREK101: Herodotus & Lyric Poetry Fall

LATN110: Reading & Review
LATN101: The Language of Love and Hate in the Roman Republic

Spring GREK102: Homer Spring LATN102: Roman Comedy
LATN112: The Augustans (Horace & Livy)

(Third & Fourth Year)

GREK201: Plato & Thucydides
GREK202: Greek Drama (can be repeated for credit)

LATN201: Medieval Latin
LATN202: Ovid's Love Poetry
LATN203: Vergil
LATN204: Latin of the Empire

(Fourth Year & Beyond: topics at this level are more fluid, those listed are examples of courses from recent years)

GREK311: Plato & the Sophists
GREK350: Fragments
GREK350: Translating the Classics: Theory, History, Prictice
GREK602: Approaches to Homer
GREK604: Scholia
GREK627: Fragments
GREK639: Greek Orators:Classical Athens


LATN301: Vergil's Aeneid
LATN302: Tacitus
LATN303: Lucretius
LATN304: Cicero and Caesar
LATN305: Livy & the Conquest of the Med.
LATN30x: Elegy
LATN312: Roman Satire
LATN350: Poets & Patrons in Flavian Rome
LATN350: Ovid's Fasti
LATN350: Lucan & Historical Epic
LATN350: Horace
LATN350: Ancient Drama
LATN350: Translating the Classics: Theory, History, Practice
LATN350: Latin Epigrams

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Classical Culture & Society Courses (taught in translation)

We also offer a diverse range of courses in classical studies that explore topics in Greek and Roman literature, culture and society and their relation to the later western cultural tradition. These courses require no knowledge of Greek or Latin.

Although we encourage students to take one of the 100-level surveys at some point, many students begin their studies in Classics by taking courses at the 200 level.

300-level courses are conducted as seminars in which students engage in intensive discussion of and research into a particular author, text, or topic.  Admission to these courses usually requires previous coursework in the ancient world (or permission of instructor).


@ Haverford

@ Bryn Mawr College

Introductions & Surveys (100-level)

CSTS119: Culture & Crisis in the Golden Age of Athens
CSTS121: The Roman Revolution
WRPR 168b: Madness and Wine in Classical Literature

CSTS110: World Through Classical Eyes
CSTS115: Classical Art
CSTS125: Myths in Art & in the Sky
CSTS155: Roman Law in Action
CSTS160: Daily Life in Ancient Greece and Rome

Approaches to Topics & Themes (200-level)

CSTS205: Tales of Troy
CSTS209: Classical Mythology
CSTS212: Classical Tradition in Western Literature
CSTS213: Tragedy & the Tragic: Suffering, Representation, and Response
CSTS219: Rites of Laughter: Ancient Comedy and its Legacy
CSTS221: The Ancient Novel
CSTS227: Race and Ethnicity in the Classical World 
CSTS233: Going Green in the Classical Imagination: Environment Ecology, and Landscape
CSTS290: History of Literary Theory: Plato to Shelley
CSTS293: Translation & Transformation

CSTS175: Feminism in Classics
CSTS205: Greek History
CSTS207: Hellenistic & Republican History
CSTS208: The Roman Empire
CSTS209: Eros in Ancient Greek Culture
CSTS220: Writing the Self
CSTS223: The Early Medieval World
CSTS224: High Middle Ages
CSTS225 In Vino Veritas: Wine in the Literature and Cult of Ancient Greece & Rome
CSTS227 Utopia: Good Place or No Place?
CSTS231: Medicine, Magic & Miracles
CSTS234: Picturing Women
CSTS255: Sport & Spectacle in Ancient Greece & Rome
CSTS274: From Myth to Cinema

Seminars (300-level)

CSTS35x: The Fall of Rome
CSTS35x: Classical Philadelphia
CSTS398/9: Senior Seminar

CSTS364: Magical Mechanisms-Early Robots, Cyborgs & Automata
CSTS368: The Dark Arts: Medieval Magic
CSTS369: Crusaders, Jihadis & Byzantines
CSTS375: Interpreting Mythology

Independent Work (400-level) CSTS460: Teaching Assistant
CSTS480: Independent Study
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Recent Courses Related to the Classical World in Other Departments


@ Haverford

@ Bryn Mawr College

Introductions & Surveys (100-level)

HIST118: Introduction to the History of Science
RELG112: Introduction to the New Testament
RELG118: Hebrew Bible: Literary Text and Historical Context

ARCH101: Egyptian & Near Eastern Archaeology
PHIL101: Historical Introduction to Philosophy: Ancient

Approaches to Topics & Themes (200-level)

PHIL201: Plato
PHIL210: Aristotle
RELG221: Women and Gender in Early Christianity
RELG222: Gnosticism

ARCH201: Pre-classical Greek Art & Archaeology
ARCH203: Ancient Greek Cities & Sanctuaries
ARCH206: Hellenistic & Roman Sculpture
ARCH209: Aegean Archaeology
ARCH220: Araby the Blest
ARCH224: Greek Vase-Painting
ARCH244: Great Empires of Anc Near East
ARCH252: Pompeii
ARCH268: Greek & Roman Architecture
PHIL210: Plato
: Aristotle
POLS228: Intro to Political Philosophy: Ancient & Modern

Seminars (300-level)

PHIL310: Aristotle's Philosophical Psychology
RELG301: The Letters of Paul in Cultural Context

ARCH308: Ceramic Analysis
ARCH312: Mediterranean: Late Bronze Age
ARCH322: Archaeology of Roman Empire
ARCH322: Greek Architectural Sculpture
CSTS359: Classical Warfare & its Legacy
CSTS368: The Dark Arts: Medieval Magic
CSTS369: Crusaders, Jihadis & Byzantines
PHIL321: Greek Political Philosophy-Aristotle: Ethics & Politics
PHIL311: Topics in Greek Philosophy

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