Claude E. Wintner
Emeritus Professor
Department of Chemistry

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Claude Edward Wintner - CV

  Princeton University: A.B., Chemistry, 1959.
  Harvard University: M.A., Chemistry, 1960; Ph.D., Chemistry, 1963.

Academic Experience:
  Yale University:
    Instructor, 1963-1965

    Assistant Professor, 1965-1968.
  Swarthmore College:
    Visiting Assistant Professor, 1968-1969.
  Haverford College:
    Associate Professor, 1969-1976.
    Professor, 1976-1997.
    Adjunct Professor, 1997-2007

    Emeritus Professor, 2007
  Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich:
    Academic Guest, 1972-1973, 1976-1977, 1989-1990.
  Harvard University:
    Visiting Professor, 1984-1985.
    Visiting Professor (fall) and Visiting Scholar (spring), 1995-2002.

Selected Publications:
Woodward, R. B.; Wintner, C., "The Methoxazonyl Group," Tetrahedron Letters (1969), No. 32, 2689.

Eschenmoser, A.; Wintner, C. E., "Natural Product Synthesis and Vitamin B12," Science (1977), 196, 1410.

Wintner, C. E., "Strands of Organic Chemistry," Holden Day: San Francisco 1979,128 pages.

Wintner, C. E., "Two-Dimensional Chirality in Three-Dimensional Chemistry," Journal of Chemical Education (1983), 60, 550.

Wintner, C. E., "Stereoelectronic Effects, Tau Bonds, and Cram's Rule," Journal of Chemical Education (1987), 64, 587.

Mueller, D.; Pitsch, S.; Kittaka, A.; Wagner, E.; Wintner, C. E.; Eschenmoser, A., "Chemistry of alpha-Aminonitriles. Aldomerisation of Glycolaldehyde Phosphate to Racemic Hexose-2,4,6-Triphosphates and (in the Presence of Formaldehyde) Racemic Pentose-2,4-Diphosphates: rac-Allose-2,4,6-Triphosphate and rac-Ribose-2,4-Diphosphate Are the Main Reaction Products," Helvetica Chimica Acta (1990), 73, 1410.

Rablen, P. R.; Deuber, M. A.; Lim, A. C.; Dickson, R. M.; Wintner, C. E., "Cyclic Ketals of 9-Fluorenone: An Advanced Organic Laboratory Exercise in Synthesis and Stereochemical Analysis Using 13CNMR," Journal of Chemical Education (1991), 68, 796.

Wintner, Claude E., Organic Chemistry Reference Lectures: Video and Related Text, © 2000, 2002:

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