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Haverford College
Department of Chemistry

Research: Senior Thesis Titles, 2010-2013


  • Senyo Agawu
    Molecular Modeling of the Bacterial RNA Polymerase Switch Region and the Interactions of Inhibitors in the Binding Pocket
  • Diana Bouhassira
    Steps Towards the Synthesis of Ripostatins A, B and Structural Analogs
  • Grace Cheong
    Computational Studies of Potential Energy Surfaces of Graphene and Nanoporous Graphene Analogues as Separation Membranes
  • Michael L. Dahle
    Investigation of Neoglycopolymer Synthesis from Sophorolipids
  • Sarah Harrison
    Investigating the dynamic range of weathered oil and chemical dispersant in the Environment
  • Daniel D. Himelstein
    Chiral Bioxazoline Platinum(II) Complexes as Cisplatin Alternatives in Combating Cancer
  • Alexandra John and Dominique Meeks
    Porous Graphene -E-Stilbene-1: A New Material for Gas Separation
  • Jacob Koffer
    Formation mechanisms in vanadium selenite oxalates
  • Jolie Alexa Krooks
    Cu(I), Cu(II), and Fe(III) complexes of a guanidine-based four coordinate tripodal ligand with a conformable binding pocket
  • David Lee
    Semenogelin-I Derived Peptide Hydrogels: An Investigation of Cytotoxicity and Aggregation Kinetics
  • Kelly Lively
    Crystallization of Calmodulin-Ribosomal Peptide Complexes & Identification of the Monellin-Binding Sequence of the Taste Receptor
  • Emily Mills
    A New Method for the Synthesis of Ordered Porphyrin Aggregates: Creating an Artificial Antenna Complex
  • Sumin Park
    Anion-binding affinity of a cobalt centered tripodal, triguanidine ligand complex
  • Brandon Robilotti
    Porphyrin-Substituted ß-Sheets as Self-Assembling Antenna Complexes
  • Aaron Ruby
    Effect of reaction stoichiometry in vanadium borate clusters
  • Gabrielle M. Sapienza
    Utilizing Sophorolipid as a Bio-Based Material for Polymerization
  • Matthew Smith
    Understanding the structure, charge and properties of templated vanadium oxysalts
  • Catherine Sheline
    Investigating the impact of oil on the deep-water coral Lophelia pertusa (Scleractinia)
  • Jessica Weaver
    The Impactor Factor: The Feasibility of Nanoporous Graphene Design Using Molecular Drills
  • Jennifer Whealdon
    Reorganization Energy Minimization in Graphene Nanoparticles: Discovering Novel Candidates for Organic Semiconductor Applications
  • Gregory D. Whitehill
    Synthesis, Cytotoxicity, and DNA Interaction Studies of Novel, Chiral Bioxazoline Drugs
  • Elizabeth Willis
    Examining the diversity of petroleum-hydrocarbon genes in Gulf of Mexico deep-sea sediments and coral flocculent material


  • Jenine Abbassi
    Petroleum hydrocarbon analysis of deep-sea Gulf of Mexico sediments
  • Tom Apicella
    The synthesis of a novel multiamine decavanadate
  • Elizabeth Coward
    Petroleum hydrocarbon analysis of Gulf of Mexico sediment meiofauna
  • Kevin T. D'Aquilla
    Ni(II) Coordination Complexes with DIG3tren and Auxiliary Ligands: Synthesis and Reactivity
  • Samuel Blau
    Lattice Density-Functional Theory for the Hubbard Model of Graphene Nanostructures
  • Anna Brockway
    Computational Studies of Quantum Gas Transmission Through Nanoporous Graphene Membranes
  • Erin Delaney
    The Ribosomal Project: Calmodulin as a Potential Regulator of Protein Translation
  • Catherine A. Divizio
    Potential Ca2+/Calmodulin Regulation of Membrane Transport Proteins
  • Katherine A. Feldman
    Chemical Modification of Oleic Acid Derivatives: Design and Synthesis of Polymers from Renewable Materials
  • Sarah Figueredo
    An Investigation of Semenogelin I Peptide Hydrogels for Medical Applications
  • Jacob Olshansky
    Vanadium selenite frameworks
  • Ingrid Pancoast
    Active learning in an alternative energy introductory chemistry laboratory
  • Lindsay Ryan
    Petroleum hydrocarbon analysis of subfractions from sediments impacted by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill
  • Peter Sacci
    Synthesis of a Porphyrin-Modified Peptide Using a Solid Phase Strategy
  • Jeffrey A. Schneider
    Auxiliary Ligand Binding of Cobalt Complexes and the Catalytic Potential of an Iron Complex with a Tripodal, Triguanidine Ligand
  • Jennifer N. Schmidt
    Cytotoxicity Studies of Chiral Platinum(II) Oxazoline Complexes


  • Alissa M. Aron
    Examination of Macromolecular Organic Matter in the Atmosphere
  • Kelsey E. Cantwell
    Toward the Synthesis of a Ripostatin B Analog
  • Oriana S. Chegwidden
    Persistence of Oil in Delaware River Sediments
  • Elizabeth M. Davis
    An Investigation of the Binding of Calmodulin to Two Human Peptide Targets
  • Jamie E. DeNizio
    The Formation and Characterization of a Semenogelin I Peptide Hydrogel
  • Louis H. DeRosa
    Multistep Synthesis of a Betaxanthin Analogue and Its Susceptibility to Nucleophilic Attack
  • Ethan C. Glor
    The Synthesis of Two New Organically Templated Vanadium Tellurites, and the Potential Use of Vanadium Tellurites in Chemical Sensor Technologies
  • Stephen Griffiths
    Asymmetry in Rabbit Muscle Creatine Kinase From the Perspective of Active Site Cysteines
  • Kayleigh M. Herrick-Reynolds
    Bioinspired Monomeric Ni (II) Coordination with Novel Ligands: DIG3Tren and DIG2Tren
  • Elizabeth A. Kaufman
    A Slow Leak Synthetic Route to Organically Templated Gallium Sulfates
  • Asha M. Mahajan
    Design and Synthesis of the C12-C20 Fragment of a Ripostatin B Analog
  • James D.B. McClain
    Thermally-driven Isotopic Separation by Quantum Tunneling
  • Andrew J. McGahran
    Towards the Synthesis of the Conjugated Polyene Regions of the Chivosale Family
  • Andrew D. Mumma
    Synthesis and Characterization of Zinc and Copper Complexes with DIG3Tren
  • Sarina C. Schwartz
    An Investigation of the Properties and Reactivity of Cobalt(II) Complexes with a Guanidine-Based Tripodal Ligand
  • Jonathan O. Witt
    The Synthesis of a Novel Tripodal Nitrogen Ligand MIZ3tren and Its Cobalt Acetate Coordination Complex
  • Hailiu Yang
    Local Structure in Glutathione and Henipavirus Virus N-Tail Probed Using Cyanylated Cysteine


  • Katherine N. Alfieri
    Cyanylated Cysteine Used to Map Membrane Binding in a Model
  • Kelvin B. Chang
    The Role of Stereoactive Lone Pairs in Templated Vanadium Tellurite Charge Density Matching
  • Sarah J. Choyke
    The Partitioning and Distribution of Hydrophobic Organic Contaminants in Sediments
  • Aldo B. Garcia
    Formation of Nanorods by Self-Assembling Porphyrin Modified Peptides
  • Casper Hu
    Ruthenium Tetroxide Oxidation of Contaminated Sediments
  • Phillip D. Kim
    Progress Towards the Synthesis of a Betalain Analogue
  • Heather A. McMahon
    Cyanylated Cysteine as a Vibrational Probe of Membrane Binding in Myelin Basic Protein
  • Brian J. Pepe-Mooney
    Protein-based Biomaterials Regulate Light-activated Conductivity at the Molecular Level
  • Gabriel P. Schwartz
    Organically Templated Metal Sulfites
  • Cassandra E. Searls
    Cobalt(II) Coordination of a Guanidine-based, Tripodal Ligand, Triguan
  • Justin E. Sears
    The Challenges Nature Presents: Efforts in the Synthesis of the Conjugated Regions of Chivosavole