Colin's picture

This picture was taken in February of 1997.

Colin F. MacKay

Professor (Emeritus) of Chemistry

Haverford College

Haverford, PA, 19041


Phone: 610-896-1200

Fax: 610-896-4904

Colin has a BS from the University of Notre Dame, and MS and PhD degrees from the University of Chicago where his thesis was directed by Nobel Laureate Willard F. Libby. He joined the Haverford faculty in September of 1956 and retired in June of 1997. He held the William R. Kenan Jr. Professorship for 5 years and then was appointed to the John Farnum Chair in Chemistry. He has taught introductory and physical chemistry, and, in 1962 with Harmon Dunathan began the unusual junior level integrated laboratory course in chemistry, which students soon named SUPERLAB.

Research Interests

About Superlab


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