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Haverford College
Department of Chemistry

Haverford Chemistry Instruments and Facilities

Instrument Scheduling

Reserve instrument time with the Online Resource Scheduler.

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Department of Chemistry - Online Instrument Scheduler

Shared Space Policy

We welcome Haverford College students, faculty and staff (from any department) to use Chemistry or Biology Departments equipment/instrumentation as long as they have been properly trained and use the equipment responsibly.

Department of Chemistry and Biology Shared Space Policy

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometers

Mass Spectrometry

  • Agilent 7890 Gas Chromatograph / 5975 Mass Spectrometer

Equipped with flame ionization and electron impact ionization detectors (GC/MS)

Equipped with electron impact ionization.

UV-vis (electronic) Spectroscopy General Chemistry Lab showing spacious lab benches

  • Time-resolved luminescence spectrometer
    equipped with a PTI 0.25-meter monochromator, a PTI R928 photomultiplier, and a Stanford Research Systems Model 250 boxcar integrator.
  • Perkin-Elmer 341 polarimeter
  • Hi-Tech SF51 stopped flow spectrophotometer
  • OLIS Instruments Low Temperature Stopped Flow Spectrometer
    with OLIS RSM 1000 rapid scanning monochromator;

Vibrational SpectroscopyGeneral Chemistry Lab showing spacious lab benches

Other Analytical and Physical Instruments

  • Princeton Applied Research 273 Electrochemical Analyzer with mercury drop electrode
  • Buck Scientific Accusys 211 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
  • GBC-Difftech MMA powder X-ray diffractometer
  • Lasers
    one Liconix 2040 helium-cadmium, two Continuum Surelite Nd:YAG, PTI Model PL-2300 nitrogen, PTI Model PL-202 dye lasers, Spectra Physics 177-G02 Ar ion laser, and assorted diode lasers.
  • Computers used for Computational Chemistry.
    • The KINSC contains a shared instructional computer laboratory equipped with a Silicon Graphics Indigo Solid Impact workstation and about twenty Windows based computers running molecular modeling software (primarily PC Spartan Pro and Plus, and Insight/Discover).

Synthesis and Purification EquipmentGeneral Chemistry Lab showing spacious lab benches

  • Three automatic peptide synthesizers
    one Rainin Model PS3 and two Vega Biochemicals Model 250
  • VirtTis Model 3.3 benchtop lyophilizer
  • Sorvall RC5B high speed centrifuge
  • Rotary Evaporators (various)
  • Shimadzu 2014 Gas Chromatograph
    • Flame Ionization Dectector
  • Two Rainin high pressure liquid chromatographs
    one of which, a Rainin Model SD-200, has two pumps and is equipped with a variable wavelength Dynamax Model UV-C detector
  • BioRAD Biologic protein chromatography system
  • See also Mass Spectrometers

Miscellaneous Equipment

FacilitiesGeneral Chemistry Lab showing spacious lab benches

  • Most of our offices and laboratories are in the East Wing of the Marian Koshland Integrated Natural Sciences Center, construction of which was completed in 2002.
  • Our facilities include the following teaching laboratories:
    • Intro. Chemistry lab - capacity 32 students. 6 large fume hoods (see picture at top of this page).
    • Organic Chemistry lab - capacity 24 students, each of whom has a 4' fume hood or shared use of a 6' fume hood.
    • Junior-level integrated laboratory - capacity 20 students, with hoods as in the Organic lab.
    • Physical Chemistry Instrumentation laboratory, housing most departmental instruments
    • NMR lab, housing the two FT-NMR spectrometers used in our teaching program (hands on use starting with Organic Chemistry).
  • Each permanent faculty members has a ca. 800 sq. ft. research laboratory with 1 - 4 fume hoods.
  • 4° C Cold Room Laboratory
  • Gilbert White Science Library with spectroscopy references