My teaching interests are in the broad area of bioorganic chemistry. I teach sophomore organic chemistry, an advanced lab course in organic and bioorganic chemistry nicknamed "superlab", advanced topics in organic chemistry (stereochemistry, mechanisms and natural products chemistry) and topics in bioorganic chemistry (protein design, enzyme mechanisms and biomaterials).

Courses I will be teaching during the 2000-2001 academic year:

Fall semester 2000: 220 Organic Chemistry; 40X Research
Spring semester 2001: 302b Superlab; 357G,H Topics in Bioorganic Chemistry; 363 Research

PLEASE NOTE: Chem 357G will count as EITHER Chem 357 or Biol 303 "Structure and function of macromolecules", typically taught by Dr. Robert Fairman, Department of Biology.

Courses Taught:

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