Phone: (610) 795-6402
Office: KINSC E303


My research interests are centered in the field of biogeochemistry, a multidisciplinary approach focused on understanding the chemical composition of the Earth’s biosphere. Within this broad area, my research examines the sources, sinks and cycling of organic matter. More specifically, I am interested in the persistence of human‐derived compounds in the marine environment (e.g. petroleum) and the cycling of recalcitrant organic compounds between the atmosphere, terrestrial and marine biospheres. My work seeks to examine how the chemical structure, physical associations and bioavailability of specific organic compounds determines their cycling and eventual fate.

Helen K White Lab Blog

  • Many Thanks to the Minions

    As probably none of you know, I inherited Jen’s thesis dealing with oil biodegradation by fungi. With the expert help of post-doc Rachel, we gro... Read More

    Posted on December 8 2014
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    I’m back at the University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography for the final Friday of August before my senior year at Haverford off... Read More

    Posted on August 29 2014
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    The Knob, Woods Hole, MA As another member of Haverford College’s HKW Lab, I’d like to share with you a little about my summer at WHOI. Ju... Read More

    Posted on July 19 2014
  • Postcards from Narragansett, RI

    That’s right, I’m in Little Rhody this summer! The Ocean State, complete with gorgeous coastline, gargantuan vacation homes, and tourists... Read More

    Posted on July 10 2014
  • Dispersant in the deep and on the beach

    Our lab recently published a paper in Environmental Science & Technology Letters. We found that DOSS, a component of the dispersant applied in the... Read More

    Posted on July 10 2014