Chime-based Educational Resources developed by Rob Scarrow

CHIME (a 3-D viewer plug-in for Netscape) from MDL Information Systems is a useful plug-in needed for viewing many chemical web sites. It is based on the stand-alone program Rasmol (see below). For more about CHIME, and some nice examples of its uses (such as the new Protein Explorer), see Eric Martz's web site for CHIME. Before using the links from this page, you must install Chime to work with your browser. Instructions and information on how these pages were developed may be obtained by clicking here.

The following resources were developed with the aid of resources from the Eric Martz's web site at the University of Massachusetts. Most make use of the templated CHIME presentation available at that site.

Biological molecules

Guided tour of protein structures (based on the prssrc resources provided from Martz's web site) Easy links for molecules to view with Protein Explorer

Molecular Cruiser - a web application (inspired by Protein Explorer) using CHIME for viewing molecular structure from a .pdb file

Inorganic molecules

Structures of selected ionic and metallic solids (based on the prssrc resources provided from Martz's web site) Structures of molecular solids