Teaching Information:

My teaching responsibilities generally include general chemistry courses, Chem 301 and 302, an intensive advanced laboratory course designed to prepare students for research, junior level inorganic chemistry and advanced topics courses in materials science and solid state chemistry. Recent syllabi are available for each course.

  • Chem 100 General Chemistry. This course serves as an introduction to chemistry. My section of this course draws examples from the study of functional materials.
  • Chem 105 Advanced General Chemistry. This course is a one-semester general chemistry course that is designed to challenge the well prepared student.
  • Chem 301 and Chem 302 Lab in Chemical Structure and Reactivity. These lab courses provide an exploration of several synthesis and characterization methods used in the study of functional materials.
  • Chem 320 Inorganic Chemistry. The molecular and electronic structure of transition metal and main group compounds is discussed, in addition to a survey of inorganic reaction mechanisms.
  • Chem 353 Topics in Materials Science. This course is focused on the structure-property relationship central to the study of materials with specific functions. Structural topics include an analysis of hydrogen as a fuel, thermoelectrics and light emitting diodes.
  • Chem 354 Solid State Chemistry. This course is focused on the reactivity of solids. Synthetic techniques and structural analyses will be emphasized.