The Latest News and Reports

Summer 2015

July 2015: Happy 2nd Anniversary, Charkoudian Lab!

May 2015: Erin, Niki, and Connie graduate!! Congratulations! Welcome to Grace and Aurelio, the newest members of the Charkoudian Lab! Emily presents her work at the 2015 Frontiers in Chemistry and Biology Interface Symposium. Congratulations to Emily on receiving a KINSC summer scholarship and Katie on receiving a BA Rudolph Foundation STEM Scholarship

Spring 2015

February 2015: Connie presents her research at the 2015 Biophysical Society meeting and Lou receives a 2015 Cottrell College Science Award!

Fall 2014

September 2014: Welcome to the newest members of the Charkoudian Lab, Noah Bloch, Josh Bulos, and Michael Jordan!

Summer 2014

August 2014: Matt's work on probing the phosphopantetheine arm of acyl carrier proteins was published in JACS and hightlighted in C&EN News! Congratulations, Matt!!

June 2014: Connie returns from Sweden. Her spring 2014 semester was spent at Lund University, researching under the guise of Sara Linse, Karin Åkerfeldt and other protein chemistry specialists. Connie will continue protein research with her return to the states by following up Matt Johnson’s exciting studies on the Acyl Carrier Protein.

May 2014: The Charkoudian lab welcomes their newest member, Emily Winesett. As a junior chemistry major, Emily will be continuing and expanding on Alec De Vivo’s work from the previous year.

Fall 2014

Chemistry Professor Lou Charkoudian '03 Publishes Groundbreaking Study