Meet the Charkoudian Lab

Erin Berlew

Hi! I'm a senior chemistry major from northeastern Pennsylvania. Outside of lab, I enjoy playing the piano, books, trivia, cooking, mysteries, and hanging out in Duryea with my family.

Connie Friedman

I'm a senior chemistry major from Torrance, CA. I enjoy long walks to the DC, playing on Walton for the Women’s Soccer team, and traveling to foreign lands. My future aspirations include attending medical school and becoming a journalist.

Niki von Krusenstiern

I'm Niki, and I'm a senior chemistry major with a Japanese minor. I'm originally from Boston, MA. Things I like that aren't chemistry: eating sushi, singing, exploring cities, cats, watching bad reality TV.

Emily Winesett

I'm a junior chemistry major with a biochemistry concentration from St.Petersburg, FL. Besides lab, I play softball for Haverford and am an upperclassmen advisor in the Customs program.


Alec De Vivo

Alec De Vivo is from New York City. He received a B.S in Chemistry with a biochemistry concentration. He is currently pursuing medical school or possibly the biomedical sciences, in medicine, or a field related to public health. Alec's inquiry into public health stems from his interests in Economics and participation with the Consulting Club.

Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson is from Mercer Island, WA (just outside Seattle). He received a B.S. in Chemistry with a concentration in biochemestry. Matt played for the Mens Varsity Soccer, leading his team as captain to their first ever championship in 2010. He has plans to attend medical school in the next few years.

Scientist in Training


Everett is the youngest member of the Charkoudian lab. In his youth, Everett was able to construct a periodic table with blocks.