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Haverford College
Department of Chemistry

Instructions for Using Buchi Rotavapor

  1. Turn on the water supply to the aspirator pump (the tap is labeled) so a slow, but steady, stream of water comes out of the overflow port on the side of the blue tank that is part of the vacuum aspirator pump unit, then turn on the power switch to start the vacuum aspirator pump motor.

  2. Turn on the water supply for the condenser coil (the tap is labeled) and check to be sure there is a steady flow of cold water passing through it.

  3. Attach the safety traps (if they are not already in place) and the round bottom flask containing your sample to the unit, and secure them in place using the special plastic clamps provided (please ask for help if required).

  4. Make certain that the vacuum break port on the end of the condenser unit is closed before lowering the sample flask into the water bath (be sure that it is turned on and adjusted to the temperature specified by your laboratory protocol), and turn on the power switch that controls the rotation of the sample flask. Adjust the rotation rate to the proper speed (check with instructor if you are not sure of the speed).

  5. Stop the flask from rotating when your sample has been concentrated to the desired volume, then raise your sample flask immediately from the water bath.

  6. Carefully and slowly open the vacuum break to reduce/eliminate vacuum from the system before attempting to remove the flask containing your sample from the apparatus. Unlatch the clamp holding the sample flask and remove the flask from the unit, leaving the safety traps in place.

  7. When you have finished using the unit, turn off the power switches on the water bath, flask rotation speed control, and the water aspirator pump.

  8. Turn off the water supplies to the condenser coil and water aspirator pump.

  9. Make certain that you have left the equipment and the work area clean and neat for the next person.