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Instructions for Nicolet Magna IR 550

Saving spectrum on disk:

Assuming you have just taken a spectrum of your sample and the spectrum is displayed on the screen:

1. Place the formatted Super Lab 3 1/2 inch disk into drive a:  of the Gateway 2000 computer.

2. From the Omnic File Menu, click on Save As.

3. Give your spectrum a name no longer than 8 digits. The computer will add .spa to the end of your name. (One method of naming compounds is using your initials, followed by the page number in your lab book on which you describe the compounds preparation, e.g. tln54.)

4. Under Drive: click on the arrow to display the drive options, then click on a:.

5. Click on OK


Displaying a spectrum stored on a "floppy" disk.

1. In the Omnic software File Menu, click on Open.

2. Change the drive to a: as noted above.

3. Scroll to the file of choice and double click.