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Department of Chemistry
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Welcome to Chemistry at Haverford

Chemistry is central to the development of new medicines and materials, the understanding of biological processes on a molecular level and many important global issues of today, including the environment and energy.

Why Chemistry at Haverford: Student Research

You'll have research opportunities at all levels of the curriculum throughout the academic year and during the summer months, with about 70% of our students presenting their work at meetings and some 20% appearing as a co-author on a peer-reviewed publication. More on Student Research >

Why Chemistry at Haverford: Curriculum

The curriculum provides a strong foundation in the fundamentals of chemistry and in interdisciplinary areas at the forefront of science, including environmental chemistry, renewable energies, novel materials, biological systems and medical treatments. More on Curriculum >

Why Chemistry at Haverford: Lab Experience

Ours is an inquiry-based lab experience, including a year-long advanced lab emphasizing state-of-the-art research methods and instrumentation. More on Instruments & Facilities >

Why Chemistry at Haverford: Major Program

You'll have several entry levels into the major depending upon high school preparation; students of all backgrounds are challenged and trained as scientific thinkers. More on Curriculum >

Why Chemistry at Haverford: Post Graduation

The major and minor chemistry programs and concentrations prepare our students for first-rate professional programs leading to careers in science, medicine, law, business, education and more. More on Alumni >

Inside Chemistry @ Haverford

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    Curriculum: Learn more about our American Chemical Society (ACS) certified major (which may be combined with an area of concentration in Biochemistry) and our courses. [more]
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    Research: Learn more about opportunities for students to collaborate with faculty members on original research that can lead to publication.[more]
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    Alumni: Learn more about the ways that our alumni contribute to research, health care, business and teaching. Alumni are invited to submit information about their careers to add to this site.[more]
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    Class of 2014 Chemistry Majors:

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Chemistry Department News and Events

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    The Arthur Amos Noyes Professor in Chemistry at MIT will be recognized at a ceremony in April for his pioneering research on the role of metal atoms in biology and medicine, including the study of platinum anticancer drugs and of the structure and function of an enzyme that allows microbes to live on natural gas.
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    Assistant Professor of Chemistry Joshua Schrier used supercomputers at the Department of Energy’s National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center to help come up with a material that, in theory, could help efficiently separate carbon dioxide from fossil fuel emissions.

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