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Haverford College
Department of Chemistry


Karin Åkerfeldt, Chair and Professor

Bioorganic Chemistry: peptides and proteins, natural and designed
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Rob Scarrow, Professor

Bioinorganic Chemistry: understanding and mimicking metals in enzymes.
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Frances Rose Blase, Associate Professor

Synthetic Organic Chemistry: synthesis of medically-relevant natural products.
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Louise Charkoudian, Assistant Professor

Biological Organic Chemistry: bacterial synthesis of drugs and drug precursors.
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Casey Londergan, Associate Professor

Biophysical Chemistry: observing protein dynamics by vibrational spectroscopy.
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Alexander Norquist, Associate Professor

Materials Chemistry: crystal growth of organically templated transition metal oxides.
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Joshua Schrier, Assistant Professor

Computational and Theoretical Chemistry: properties of nanostructures and applications for photovoltaic devices.
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Helen White, Assistant Professor

Environmental Chemistry; investigating sources, sinks and cycling of organic compounds in the environment.
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Eric Holowka, Visiting Assistant Professor

Bioorganic Chemistry
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Katharine Prokop-Prigge, Visiting Assistant Professor

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Emeritus Faculty

Colin MacKay, Professor Emeritus

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Claude Wintner, Professor Emeritus

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Terry Newirth, Professor Emeritus

Organic Chemistry: mechanistic chemistry related to food science.
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Administrative Support Staff

Victoria Algieri

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Laboratory Instructors and Support Staff

Bruce Boyes, Research Machinist and Instrument Maker

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Joanne Brown, Purchasing and Budget Coordinator

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Kathy Dostal, Instruction Laboratory Supervisor

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Daniel Fabry, Instrument Specialist

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Michael Kukla, Chemistry 225 Laboratory Instructor

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Kelly Matz, Chemistry 111 and 112 Laboratory Instructor

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Mark Stein, Chemistry 222 Laboratory Instructor

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