Senior Compass Technology Edition

October 16, 2012

Recruiting Orientation provides seniors with the foundation for a successful experience in the recruiting program. The fundamentals of a job search are discussed, and training provided for use of CDO's "OCEAN" (Online Career Exploration And Networking) web based system. While all seniors may "Browse" OCEAN, training is REQUIRED to use the system to submit applications, and eventually, schedule interviews.

ALL SENIORS wishing to participate in the Recruiting Program, including On Campus Interviews, Resume Referrals, and the Selective Liberal Arts Consortium events such as City-Based Recruiting Days, are required to complete one during their senior year.

If you have not yet completed one this year, you should complete the orientation at .
**Please note that you will be activated within 48 hours after completing. **

2. Selective Liberal Arts Consortium (SLAC) Opportunities

The following technology opportunities are hosted by the Selective Liberal Arts Consortium and the CDO.
To view jobs and apply, visit .
For more information about Consortium events, visit
More technology employers may be added in the coming weeks!

Chicago Recruiting Day: Event Date: 11/30/12 -- Application Deadline: 10/17/12 (this Wednesday)

  • Epic Systems Corp., Project Manager / Implementation Consultant
  • Epic Systems Corp., Software Developer
  • Epic Systems Corp., Technical Consultant / Problem Solver
  • Google, Technical Specialist - Google Apps

New York Recruiting Day: Event Date: 1/4/13 -- Application Deadline: 10/31/12

  • 1-800-FLOWERS Inc., Associate, Mobile Leadership Program
(more may be added)

Washington DC Recruiting Day: Event Date 1/7/13 Application Deadline: 10/31/12

  • American Technology Services, Net Web Developer
  • American Technology Services, Network Consultant
  • American Technology Services, Help Desk Consultant
  • Smartbrief, Inc., Jr. Java Developer
(more may be added)

San Francisco Recruiting Day: Event Date 1/11/13 Application Deadline: 10/31/12

  • Amazon, Amazon Services Undergraduate Program
  • Twitter, Software Engineer - New Grad
  • Twitter, Reliability Engineer - New Grad
  • Twitter, Software Engineer - Intern
(more may be added)

3. On Campus Recruiting
Visit OCEAN for details and to apply. You must complete a Recruiting Orientation
to apply. All applications are due on OCEAN by 11:59pm.
All jobs require a resume. Any additional requirements are listed below using the following key:
L= Cover Letter, T= Transcript, R= References

Information Sessions:

  • Google On-campus events, To be announced - Early November

Resume Referrals for BMC/HC Seniors in OCEAN:

  • Google, Software Engineer, New Grad 2013 - North America Locations, Application Deadline: 11/14/12
  • Google, Internal Technology Residency Program, New Grad - Mountain View, Application Deadline: 11/14/12
  • Amazon, Software Development Engineer/ SDET Full-Time (Rolling Deadline)
  • Vanguard, Technology Leadership Program ( Rolling Deadline)
  • Vanguard, Systems Tester ( Rolling Deadline)
  • Vanguard, Developer - Entry Level ( Rolling Deadline)

On-Campus Interviews for BMC/HC Seniors in OCEAN:

  • The Research Board, Research Analyst, Application Deadline: 10/24/12