Sponsor an Extern - Haverford and Bryn Mawr

By shadowing alumni/ae in their workplace, students can begin to explore their interests and learn about various opportunities. Your advice and guidance in this shadowing experience will help a student to begin to identify potential career options. Better yet, the structure is flexible; you could develop an experience for 2 days to 2 weeks.

Externship Period Registration Deadline
Winter Break (January 4-15, 2016) October 9, 2015
Spring Break (March 7-11, 2016) January 5, 2016

Selection of the student externs will be held in mid-November and mid-February. After assignments are made by our Office, we will send notification of student assignments and the extern will contact you directly to make specific arrangements.

Sponsor an Extern

Would you like to provide career advice to a student? Would you like to show a student the secret of your success? Be an Extern Sponsor!

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Tips for a Successful Sponsorship

Externs and sponsors work out the details together for each externship, taking into account the students' interests and the sponsors' availability. Consider the benefits of the following when planning your sponsorship:

  • Working alongside sponsor or other professionals
    Gives students the opportunity to observe what a particular career field encompasses from the daily to long-term activities.
  • Talking with the sponsor about his/her life
    The student begins to learn about the different paths one can take and that there are many decisions one encounters after college.
  • Meeting with other professionals in the field
    Talking to as many people as possible provides useful information about other areas and the varied opportunities in a particular field.
  • Touring the office, departments, or other organizations
    Helps the student see how different aspects of the same organization 'fit together' or vary in their work. This may be their first in-depth exposure to the specific career field.
  • Working independently on a special project
    Contributing to the sponsor's work helps the extern gain valuable skills while also assisting the sponsor with a needed project.