Internships & Externships

An internship is an extended professional experience in which students execute projects and assignments applying existing skills and developing new ones. Interns experience and learn about the work of an organization while contributing to their mission. An externship allows you to shadow a professional in their workplace for a short period of time. Each option is important to consider, as they can immerse you in an environment where you will learn about a specific industry or career. Read the Summer of 2014 Survey report for an overview of what Haverford students did last summer.

Internship Search Tips

Advice on finding an internship and applying to internship grant funding.

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College Sponsored Internships

Explore the various Internships and Grants sponsored by the College.


Apply for an Externship

Shadow professionals in their workplace and begin to explore your interests.

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Haverford Internship Network

A peer-to-peer network of Haverford students who have volunteered to talk with other students about their experiences. You may call or e-mail these students to learn about their experiences, how to apply, etc. These students can offer information and advice but they are not expected to help you "get the job." Visit our Networking page for tips on what to say.

Internship Network

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Online Internship Opportunities

In addition to our Sponsored Internships, you may wish consider exploring the following:

Online Subscription Resources

As a member of the Haverford community you have access to membership sites through CCPA using our provided usernames and passwords.

Internship Resources

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Liberal Arts Career NetWORK (LACN)

A database housing internships submitted directly to highly selective liberal arts college members nationwide in the LACN.


Use the "Jump To" button in CareerConnect to get access.


CareerConnect allows students and alumni to search and apply for jobs and internships, and view upcoming events online.


Requires completion of an annual online recruiting orientation (PDF).