Reference Letters

The CCPA will maintain a file of letters of reference (credentials) for students and alumni to be used when applying to a graduate school or job.

Open a File

  1. Credentials files are opened and serviced only through your degree granting institution.
  2. Submit the Credential Release form. This opens your file.

Obtain References

  1. The Center for Career and Professional Advising will provide a Letter of Reference (pdf) form for you to offer to each potential reference writer. Each form should indicate whether or not the specific letter of reference is to be confidential and be signed by you before being given to the writer. You may choose to have some letters that are confidential and some that are not.
  2. A reference writer may write directly on the form or attach the form to a letter written on stationery from his/her Department. All completed letters of reference should be sent directly to CCPA.
  3. Several (3-5) letters of reference should be part of your file. Ask people who know you well (professors, employers, or others) to write on your behalf.
  4. Personally seek letters of reference and discuss the purpose of the letter with the writer (e.g. graduate school, employment). It may be helpful to provide a resume/vitae for the writer.
  5. You are responsible for contacting reference writers, following up on their compliance with your request and checking to see that the letters have been received in our office. Wait approximately three weeks before checking to see if we have received them.

Send Credentials to an Academic Institution

  1. Letters of reference from your file will be copied and sent out only with your written permission. Phone and e-mail requests will not be accepted. Please submit the Request for Credentials form.
  2. The first seven packets of materials mailed at your request are free. After the first seven mailings, a fee of $3.00 per packet of mailed credentials is charged.
  3. We cannot fax or email letters of recommendation. Please plan accordingly.