Majors & Careers

At Haverford you will develop and hone transferable skills and specialized knowledge that will prepare you extremely well for countless career possibilities.

Sometimes the link between major and career is quite obvious, but more often a rewarding professional life combines one’s analytical, communication, problem-solving and other transferable skills gained in one’s major coursework with knowledge and experience developed through elective courses, extra-curricular activities, research and internships. Below are several resources to help you see the natural and not so obvious connections between majors and careers.

What Can I Do With This Major?

Learn about the typical career areas and types of employers that hire people with each major.

What Do Haverford Grads Do With Their Majors?

To get an idea of the types of jobs new Haverford grads pursue, view the Class of 2013 Career Plans Report.

Internship Network

A peer-to-peer network of Haverford students who have volunteered to talk with other students about their experiences.


The Extern Program enables students to explore different career options by allowing a firsthand glimpse into a field of interest.


The single most effective tool for success in career exploration and searches for jobs and internships.