Haverford College is a member of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) and adheres to the NACE Principles for Professional Practice. All employers who wish to recruit at Haverford College are expected to comply with the NACE Guidelines.

In addition the the NACE Guidelines, the Center for Career and Professional Advising (CCPA) has established supplemental policies for its Recruiting Program to ensure a positive recruiting experience for both recruiters and students at Haverford College.

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  • Definition of Recruiting Program Activities

    The Recruiting Program at Haverford College includes (but is not limited to) the following list of activities: online job and internship postings (via CareerConnect), on-campus interviews, information sessions or workshops, panel discussions, classroom presentations, career fairs, networking events, virtual events, resume books, on-site employer workplace visits, and any recruiting activities with the Selective Liberal Arts Consortium.

  • Non-Discrimination

    Haverford College is committed to providing a campus environment free from all forms of unlawful discrimination because of race, color, gender, religion, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law. This policy applies to all aspects of the Haverford College Recruiting Program. All recruiting activities by employers through the Recruiting Program must be in full compliance laws pertaining to the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Act.

  • Third-Party Agencies

    Third-party recruiting agencies must disclose the hiring entity that they represent in job/intern postings in CareerConnect or other CCPA-sponsored recruiting activity. Any exceptions to this policy must be pre-approved by the CCPA.

  • Alcohol

    Haverford College has adopted a no-alcohol policy at any and all recruiting events whether on or off-campus pursuant to the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989. Please read the Haverford College Drug & Alcohol Policy for more information. Furthermore, Haverford College abides by the NACE Principles of Professional Conduct, which states, "Serving alcohol should not be part of the recruitment process on or off campus. This includes receptions, dinners, company tours, etc."

  • Reasonable Offer Timeframes

    Recruiters will refrain from "exploding job offers" which put undue pressure on students to make an employment decision in a short-time frame. The CCPA is in full agreement with the NACE Principles for Professional Practice Guidelines which states, "that providing sufficient time for students to evaluate the employment opportunities offered to them allows them to make the wisest decisions for all concerned, creating a positive experience for candidates and employers and ultimately reducing renege and attrition rates." Accordingly, we strongly suggest November 15 as a reasonable and appropriate date to ask employers to accept as a date for early Fall recruiting offers or 2 weeks after the offer date, whichever is later.

  • Paid and Unpaid Internships

    Employers posting internships to the Haverford online recruiting system, CareerConnect, should review the U.S. Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division guidelines on compensation. This DOL Fact Sheet (pdf) provides information on whether workers are considered unpaid interns or paid employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). It is expected that employers who post internships are in compliance with this criteria.

  • Armed Forces/Military Employer

    In the spirit of Haverford College's Quaker tradition, as a matter of policy the College chooses not to host recruiting activities for military organizations. This includes all armed services as well as organizations primarily involved in covert military operations, for example, CIA, NSA, etc.

    As a matter of policy, Bryn Mawr College will host military organizations engaging in recruiting activities on campus. As a Bi-College service, recruiting activities at both colleges are available to students and alumni from both colleges. As an active choice, Haverford students may participate in recruiting activities at Bryn Mawr College which include military and defense-related employers.

  • Recruiter Outreach

    Employers will coordinate any recruiting outreach, marketing, and activities targeted to Haverford College students with the CCPA. This includes interviews conducted on the campus of Haverford College or outside of the CCPA office..

  • Teaching English Abroad Opportunities

    Organizations that recruit Haverford students and graduates to teach English abroad meet the following criteria:

    • The organization must provide the CCPA with at least two references from past participants in the program.
    • The program must be formally structured so that applicants understand the role the organization will play in arranging for their teaching opportunity and the support that will be provided when they are abroad.
    • The organization must have a website which provides the following:
      • Details of the program, including specific responsibilities of the applicant, how the organization works with applicants in securing teaching opportunities and arranging travel and housing, and support provided by the organization while the individual is abroad teaching.
      • Application timeline and process
      • Fees, if any, involved
      • Certification requirements - indicate what teaching certifications are required, including: TEFL, TESOL
      • Pay structure (which must also be included in the job posting)
      • What health coverage, if any, is provided or how candidates would arrange for health coverage
      • Safety and housing information
      • Clear description of working and living conditions
      • Support which the organization provides to teachers while they are abroad
  • Commission-based Jobs

    Recruiters for employment which includes commission-based compensation must fully disclose the compensation structure in any job posting or on-campus recruiting event. Recruiting for jobs with commission-ONLY compensation are excluded from the CCPA Recruiting Program.

  • Excluded Recruiting Practices

    The CCPA will not sponsor the following recruiting activities if they include:

    • On-campus solicitation or on-campus sales of goods or services
    • Recruiting for jobs with commission-only compensation
    • Requiring fees or initial investments to be paid by student to gain employment unless pre-approved by the CCPA


  • At their sole discretion, the CCPA reserves the right to exclude any employer from activities within the Haverford College Recruiting Program.
  • Postings on CareerConnect: The employer and job/intern information listed on CareerConnect is presented by the CCPA at Haverford College as a service to our users. This information should not be construed as an endorsement of the organizations offering the opportunity. Applicants are strongly encouraged to research all employers in advance of applying.