Alumni Career Profiles

  • Alina Munoz

    Alina Munoz '05

    Major: History

    Haverford taught me to think outside of the box. I would have never thought to start a company let alone rally an entire industry together without the skill sets and confidence that I developed in college.
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  • Sarah Andrade

    Sarah Andrade '12

    Major: Political Science

    Law has such a tremendous focus on ethics, that my Haverford background is such a great advantage. Haverford also gave me a greater sense of community and helping my fellow members of my community.
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  • Adam Goldstein

    Adam Goldstein '07

    Major: Economics

    More than anything else, Haverford taught me how to think and analyze. Those skills are much more important than knowing "things" right when you get out of college.
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  • Sarah Burke Spolaor

    Sarah Burke Spolaor '06

    Major: Astronomy

    The physics and astronomy professors at Haverford really kick-started my career by involving me in their research projects and by being contagiously enthusiastic and dedicated teachers.
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  • Thea Hogarth

    Thea Hogarth '11

    Major: Comparative Literature
    Minor: French

    Working with the Hurford Humanities Center at Haverford also taught me a lot about independently organizing creative endeavors which is coming in handy now as I organize teams of freelancing creatives for various projects.
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  • Melanie Travis

    Melanie Travis '08

    Major: Comparative Literature

    At Haverford I learned, above all else, to be intellectually curious. I also picked up the ability to learn quickly and soak in new experiences.
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  • Rahul Munshi

    Rahul Munshi '06

    Major: History
    Minor: Anthropology

    Through the Haverford College Lawyers Network, I have interacted with hundreds of Haverford attorneys, former attorneys, and soon-to-be attorneys.
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  • Ben Polak

    Ben Polak '07

    Major: Physics

    Most importantly, Haverford taught me how to think critically and develop creative solutions to problems. That skill has proved valuable time in again, whether handling a production issue on the shop floor or developing an optimization model at my desk.
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  • Madalyn Yovanoff

    Madalyn Yovanoff '03

    Major: Fine Arts

    My experiences at Haverford prepared me for the professional world in so many ways, most of which are very difficult to define. I grew personally and academically, and became more aware of new places, cultures and perspectives.
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  • Sarah Gilarsky

    Sarah Gilarsky '10

    Major: Economics

    Haverford gave me the foundation upon which to build my career. It gave me the analytical skills, breadth of social and historical knowledge, and the ability to question and research.
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  • Jonas Clark

    Jonas Clark '04

    Major: Philosophy

    I've been a big advocate of honor codes in large part because of my experience at Haverford. I think that wearing your values on your sleeve and being up front about them—even when it seems a little corny at times—is a really important thing for an organization or community.
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  • Owen Drake

    Owen Drake '09

    Major: Religion

    To be a good actor, one has to be an interesting person, and Haverford gave me that in a big way. A broad liberal arts education is such a big help.
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  • Monica Rao

    Monica Rao '10

    Major: Psychology

    Haverford taught me what critical thinking is, and I am so thankful at the amount of exposure I got to this in numerous fields through my liberal arts degree.
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  • Andrew Garza-

    Andrew Garza '08

    Major: Sociology
    Minor: Economics

    Haverford helped me develop critical-thinking, research, and communication skills that have served me well so far in my career.
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  • Allison Jones

    Allison Jones '07

    Major: Sociology (BMC)

    Haverford allowed me to gain some great experiences while I was a student that gave me an edge, made me more passionate, and connected me with wonderful people.
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  • Tim Richards

    Tim Richards '10

    Major: Philosophy

    Haverford showed me that I could channel my passions into real-world projects, from my CPGC internships, to my thesis, to my Watson Fellowship after graduation.
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  • Anirudh Suri

    Anirudh Suri '06

    Major: Economics and Political Science

    My Haverford education continues to shape my career in myriad ways. A multi-disciplinary background really allows you to think about problems differently than others who have been only trained in one discipline.
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  • Janelle Matthews

    Janelle Matthews '04

    Major: Political Science

    Haverford has always been only a phone call away and the advice I have gotten from the career counselors after graduation has helped me focus my job searches on jobs that would make me happy and how to open doors to get me into jobs I wanted.
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