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Areas of Concentration / Programs: Gender and Sexuality Studies, 2010-2011

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Gender and Sexuality Studies is an interdisciplinary bi-college program that draws on the faculties of both Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges in a variety of traditional disciplines, such as Anthropology, Biology, Economics, English, German, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Spanish, and Religion, as well as interdisciplinary programs such as Africana Studies, Comparative Literature, East Asian Studies, and the Growth and Structure of Cities. Students graduate from the program with a high level of fluency and rigor in their understanding of the different ways in which issues of gender and sexuality shape our lives as individuals and as members of larger communities, both local and global.

Courses in the program draw upon and speak to feminist theory and women's studies; transnational and third-world feminisms; womanist theory and the experiences of women of color; the construction of masculinity and men's studies; lesbian, bisexual, gay, queer, transgendered/transsexual studies; and gender as it is inflected in and by class, race, religion, and nationality.

Students choosing a concentration, minor, or independent major in Gender and Sexuality Studies plan their programs in consultation with the Gender and Sexuality Coordinator on their home campus. Each year, approximately thirty students pursue either a Minor or Concentration in Gender and Sexuality Studies, and several design an independent major for themselves in the field.

Concentrators, minors, and majors have gone on to do advanced work in all of the undergraduate disciplines, in law, medicine, and theology, as well as into employment in a variety of related areas.

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Coordinator at Haverford, Associate Professor of Independent College Programs Kaye Edwards
Coordinator at Bryn Mawr, Associate Professor Sharon Ullman

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Concentration Requirements

Six courses distributed as follows are required for the concentration:

  1. An introductory course intended for first-and second-year students with no prior knowledge of the field such as Independent College Programs 190: Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies: Inventing Gender. This introductory requirement may also be met with a variety of courses, such as Philosophy 115: Introduction to Feminist Theory, English 286: Sex/Gender/ Representation: An Introduction to Theories of Sexualities, or Political Science 242: Women in War and Peace. Equivalent courses at Bryn Mawr, Swarthmore, or the University of Pennsylvania are also acceptable.
  2. The core course, 290: Perspectives on Gender, a course intended for juniors and seniors who have completed other work in the program. This interdisciplinary course is team taught by two faculty members, one from Haverford, one from Bryn Mawr, from different disciplinary backgrounds.
  3. Four additional approved courses from at least two different departments, two of which are normally 300 level. Units of Independent Study (480a,b) may be used to fulfill this requirement.

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Minor Requirements

Requirements for the minor are identical to those of the concentration, with the stipulation that no courses in Gender and Sexuality will overlap with courses taken to fulfill requirements in the student's major.

Neither a senior seminar nor a senior thesis is required for the concentration; however, with the permission of the major department, a student may choose to count toward the concentration a senior thesis with a significant focus on the theoretical and critical issues foregrounded in gender and sexuality studies.

Students wishing to construct an independent major in Gender and Sexuality Studies will have to make a proposal to the College Committee on Student Standing and Programs (CSSP).

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Offered at Haverford College

PHIL H105 Love, Friendship, and the Ethical Life
POLS H123 American Politics: Difference and Discrimination
ANTH H204 Anthropology of Gender
GERM H223 Writing Nations: Africa and Europe
GERM H224 Visualizing Europe
POLS H229 Latino Politics in the U.S.
POLS H235 African Politics
ICPR H244 Quaker Social Witness
ENGL H278 Contemporary Women Writers
ICPR H281 Violence and Public Health
ICPR H290 Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Gender
RELG H301 Religious Polemics
HIST H310 Political Technologies of Race and the Body
RELG H330 Seminar in the Writings of Women of African Descent
ENGL H383 Topics in American Literature

Other courses in Gender & Sexuality Studies Regularly Offered at Haverford

Anthropology 216: Women and Power
Anthropology 245: Love and the Market
Biology 247: Human Genetics, Ethics, and Public Policy
Biology 248: Disease and Discrimination
East Asian Studies 262: Chinese Social History
East Asian Studies 310: Religion and Gender in Pre-Modern Japan
Economics 224: Women in the Labor Market
English 254a: Pre-Raphaelites, Aesthetes, & Decadents; Gender and Sexuality in 19th Century Literature
English 260b: Another Country: Queer Sexualities in the American Novel
English 263: 19th Century Women's Narratives
English 277: Postcolonial Women Writers
English 281: Fictions of Empire
English 284: Sex/Gender/Representation
English 286a: Arts of the Possible: Cultures of Social Justice Movements
English 301: The Hundred Years War and the Production of Literary Culture
English 347b: Spectacle and Spectatorship in 18th Century London
English 362: Genius and Gender in 19th Century U.S. Culture
English 364: After Mastery
English 381: Textual Politics: Marxism, Feminism, and Deconstruction
English 383: American Autobiography: Life During Wartime
German 262: The Male Body in Contemporary Cinema
History 229: Gender, Sex, and Power in Early Modern Europe
History 231: The Age of Enlightenment
History 354: Law, Crime, and the Police in Early Modern Europe
Independent College Programs 135: Introduction to Feminist Theory
Independent College Programs 190: Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies: Inventing Gender
Independent College Programs 244a: Quaker Social Witness
Philosophy 105: Love, Friendship and the Ethical Life
Philosophy 155: Introduction to Feminist Theory
Philosophy 229: Latino Politics in the U.S.
Philosophy 231: Continental Feminist Philosophy
Philosophy 258: Philosophy of the Body
Political Science 235: African Politics
Political Science 359: Feminist Political Theory
Religion 204: Women and Judaism
Religion 221: Women and Gender in Early Christianity
Religion 223: Body, Sexuality, and Christianity
Religion 301: Jerusalem: History and Representation
Religion 303: Evangelicalism, Anti-Slavery, and Feminism in Uncle Tom's Cabin
Religion 330: Seminar in the Religious History of African American Women
Spanish 324: Sexual Minorities in the Spanish Speaking World
Spanish 352: Evita and her Sisters

Course Offered at Bryn Mawr College

ANTH B101 Introduction to Anthropology
ANTH B312 Anthropology of Reproduction
ANTH B316 Gender in South Asia
ANTH B350 Advanced Topics in Gender Studies
ARCH B303 Classical Bodies
CITY B293 Fragmented Media: Film, Television, and Gendered Identities
COML B220 Writing the Self
COML B314 Troilus and Criseyde
CSTS B220 Writing the Self
EDUC B280 Gender, Sex, and Education
ENGL B257 Gender and Technology
ENGL B263 Toni Morrison and the Art of Narrative Conjure
ENGL B269 Vile Bodies in Medieval Literature
ENGL B314 Troilus and Criseyde
ENGL B334 Topics in Film Studies: Queer Cinema through a Transnational Frame
ENGL B367 Asian American Film, Video and New Media
ENGL B369 Women Poets
GERM B321 Advanced Topics in German Cultural Studies: Vienna 1900
HART B108 Women, Feminism, and the History of Art
HART B293 Fragmented Media: Film, Television, and Gendered Identities
HART B334 Topics in Film Studies: Queer Cinema through a Transnational Frame
HART B340 Topics in Baroque Art: Costume and Consumer Culture
HART B348 Topics in German Art
ITAL B235 Italian Women's Movement
PHIL B225 Global Ethical Issues
PHIL B344 Development Ethics
POLS B282 Exotic Other: Gender in the Middle East
POLS B375 Women, Work, and Family
SOCL B262 Sociology of Public Opinion
SOCL B350 Movements for Social Justice
SOCL B375 Women, Work, and Family
SPAN B223 Genero y modernidad en la narrativa del siglo XIX

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