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Gender and Sexuality Studies: 2007-2008

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The Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies is an interdisciplinary, bi-college program that can be integrated with a major or pursued independently. Students graduate from the program with a high level of fluency and rigor in their understanding of the different ways in which issues of gender and sexuality shape our lives as individuals and as members of larger communities, both local and global.

Students choosing a concentration, minor, or independent major in Gender and Sexuality plan their programs in consultation with the Gender and Sexuality Coordinator on their home campus. Members of the Gender and Sexuality steering committee serve as their individual mentors. All students take the core course, "Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Sex and Gender." Other courses in the program allow them to explore a range of approaches to gender and sexual difference: critical feminist theory; women's studies; transnational and third-world feminisms; the theories and cultural productions of women of color; gender and science; the construction of masculinity; gay, lesbian, queer, transgender, and transsexual studies; the history and representation of gender and sexuality in different national contexts, cultural traditions, political movements, religious practices, and projects of social transformation.

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Assistant Professor Theresa Tensuan, Coordinator at Haverford

Professor Katherine Rowe, Coordinator at Bryn Mawr

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Six courses distributed as follows are required for the concentration:

  1. An introductory course, such as Philosophy 115: Introduction to Feminist Theory; English 284: Sex, Gender, and Representation; Political Science 123: American Politics, Difference and Discrimination; Philosophy 106: The Philosophy of Consciousness and the Problem of Embodiment; or English 278: Contemporary Women Writers. Equivalent courses at Bryn Mawr, Swarthmore, or the University of Pennsylvania are also acceptable. Students may petition to count other relevant introductory level courses toward this requirement.
  2. The junior seminar, Independent College Programs 290: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Sex and Gender.
  3. Four additional approved courses from at least two different departments, two of which are normally 300 level. Units of Independent Study (480a,b) may be used to fulfill this requirement.
  4. Of the six courses, no fewer than two and no more than three will also form part of the student's major.

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Minor Requirements

Requirements for the minor are identical to those of the concentration, with the stipulation that no courses in Gender and Sexuality will overlap with courses taken to fulfill requirements in the student's major.

Neither a senior seminar nor a senior thesis is required for the concentration; however, with the permission of the major department, a student may choose to count toward the concentration a senior thesis with significant feminist and gender studies content. Students wishing to construct an independent major in Gender and Sexuality Studies will have to make a proposal to the College Committee on Student Standing and Progress (CSSP).

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Gender and Sexuality Studies at Haverford Include:

Fall 2007

  • English 301: Topics in Medieval English: The Hundred Years War and the Production of Literary Culture
  • English 362: Genius & Gender in American Culture
  • English 383: American Autobiography: Life During War Time
  • Philosophy 115: Introduction to Feminist Theory
  • Philosophy 234: Continental Feminist Philosophy
  • Religion 221: Women and Gender in Early Christianity
  • Religion 301: Jerusalem: History and Representation
  • Religion 330: Seminar in the Religious History of African-American Women

Spring 2008

  • English 278: Contemporary Women Writers
  • English 284: Sex, Gender, Representation: An Introduction to Theories of Sexualities
  • English 364: After Mastery: Trauma, Reconstruction, and the Literary Event
  • German 262: The Male Body in Contemporary Cinema
  • History 204: History of American Women to 1870
  • Political Science 123: American Politics: Difference and Discrimination
  • Political Science 229: Latino Politics in the U.S.
  • Political Science 263: Women and Politics
  • Spanish 334: Gender Dissidence in Hispanic Writing
  • Spanish 352: Evita and Her Sisters

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Courses at Bryn Mawr

  • ANTH B227 Ragas to Rap: Music and Performance in South Asia
  • ANTH B312 Anthropology of Reproduction
  • ENGL B205 Introduction to Film
  • ENGL B214 Here and Queer: Placing Sexuality
  • ENGL B239 Women and Cinema
  • ENGL B270 American Girl: Childhood in U.S. Literature 1690-1935
  • ENGL B273 Masculinity in English Literature
  • ENGL B279 Introduction to African Literature
  • ENGL B293 Introduction to Critical Feminist Studies
  • ENGL B297 Terror, Pleasure and the Gothic Imagination
  • ENGL B306 Film Theory
  • ENGL B369 Women Poets: Brooks, Rich and Plath
  • ENGL B378 Eating Culture: Food and Britain 1798-1929
  • FREN B201 Le Chevalier, la dame, le prêtre
  • GERM B245 Approaches to Germ Literature and Culture: Sexualities and Gender in Literature and Film
  • GERM B321 Advanced Topics in German Cultural Studies: Kafka's Prague
  • GNST B224 Gender and Science
  • GNST B290 Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Sex and Gender
  • HART B108 Women, Feminism and History of Art
  • HART B311 Topics in Medieval Art: Book of Hours, Art of Devotion
  • HART B311 Topics in Medieval Art: Gender Issues in Middle Ages
  • HART B340 Topics in Baroque Art: Costume and Consumer Culture
  • HART B348 Topics in German Art: Vienna 1900
  • HIST B237 Themes in Modern African History: Urbanization in Africa
  • HIST B303 Topics in American History: Cold War Political Culture
  • HIST B325 Topics in Social History: Sexuality in America
  • ITAL B304 Il Rinascimento: Italian Women Writers
  • PHIL B221 Ethics
  • PHIL B252 Feminist Theory
  • PHIL B344 Development Ethics
  • POLS B253 Feminist Theory: Gender and Division of Labor
  • POLS B374 Gender and Power in Comparative Context: Patriarchy Across Cultures
  • PSYC B340 Women's Mental Health
  • SOCL B225 Women in Society
  • SOCL B262 Sociology of Public Opinion: Who Believes What and Why
  • SOCL B310 Sociology of AIDS
  • SOCL B315 Sociology of AIDS Internship
  • SOCL B350 Movements for Social Justice

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Other Gender and Sexuality Studies courses regularly offered at Haverford:

  • Anthropology 202: Among Men: Constructions of Masculinities
  • Anthropology 204: Anthropology of Gender
  • Anthropology 216: Women and Power
  • Anthropology 244: Anthropology of China
  • Anthropology 245: Love and the Market
  • Biology 247: Human Genetics, Ethics, and Public Policy
  • Biology 248: Disease and Discrimination
  • Biology 252: Women, Medicine, and Biology
  • Classics 215: Dangerous Women: Greek and Latin Literature
  • Classics 217: Male and Female in Ancient Greece
  • East Asian Studies 262: Chinese Social History
  • East Asian Studies 310: Religion and Gender in Pre- Modern Japan
  • Economics 224: Women in the Labor Market
  • English 254: Pre-Raphaelites, Aesthetes, and Degenerates: Gender and Sexuality in 19th Century Literature
  • English 263: 19th Century Women’s Narratives
  • English 277: Postcolonial Women Writers
  • English 281: Fictions of Empire
  • English 286: Arts of the Possible: Literature and Social Justice Movements
  • English 301; Sex and Gender in the Middle Ages
  • English 302: Topics in Medieval Literature: Speaking in Tongues
  • English 347: Spectacle and Spectatorship in 18th-century London
  • English 362: Genius and Gender in American Culture
  • English 363: John Brown’s Body: Violence, National Fantasy and Bodies that Matter
  • English 364: After Mastery: Trauma, Reconstruction, and the Literary Event
  • English 381: Textual Politics: Marxism, Feminism, and Deconstruction
  • History 229: Gender, Sex, and Power in Early Modern Europe
  • History 231: The Age of Enlightenment
  • History 354: Law, Crime, and the Police in Early Modern Europe
  • Philosophy 105: Love, Friendship, and the Ethical Life
  • Philosophy 258: Philosophy of the Body
  • Political Science 123: Difference and Discrimination
  • Political Science 235: African Politics
  • Political Science 263: Women in Politics
  • Political Science 359: Feminist Political Theory
  • Religion 204: Women and Judaism
  • Religion 223: Body, Sexuality, and Christianity
  • Religion 303: Evangelicalism, Anti-Slavery, and Feminism in Uncle Tom’s Cabin
  • Spanish 324: Sexual Minorities in the Spanish Speaking World

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