Mailing Procedures

Below are some simple procedures for ensuring that Haverford College's Mail Center routes your mail in an accurate and timely. Properly following these procedures with help make sure your department is not incorrectly charged for postage.

Each department should establish a location in their office where all outgoing mail is placed for carrier pickup. All mail should be divided into the following three categories:

Interoffice Mail

Mail that is going to another department or to a student mailbox. This mail should be bundled all facing the same direction.

Mail to be Metered

Mail that is official College business will have postage applied and charged to your department. This mail must be sorted by size and bundled together facing the same direction. Unsealed mail should be separated from sealed mail.

Pre-Stamped Mail

Mail that is already stamped and ready to ship should be separated from Interoffice and Mail to be Metered.