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About Exporting Events

The Haverford Calendar can export events in both iCal and RSS, standardized formats that help you import your events into your own calendar software (such as Meeting Maker, Outlook, or Apple's iCal) or web-based calendars (such as Google or Yahoo Calendar).

Which format do I want?

Many popular calendaring solutions support both iCal and RSS formats — the choice is up to you. In either case, if your calendering application supports subscribing to a calendar feed or "Adding by URL," it may treat the events as a subscription service that will be updated with new events or changed events at a regular interval. If you instead download the iCal format and import the file into your calendar software, the events will not be updated dynamically.

Which events am I exporting?

On the calendar pages, exporting events will save the events you're currently looking at, from today until three months from now. If you have a category (or several categories) selected, the export will include only those events. Both the iCal and RSS formats always show the next three months worth of events. If you subscribe by URL to either format, that three month window will be constantly updated; if you download and import the iCal file, it will contain three months of events from the date of export.

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