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To schedule instrument time:

  • Log into the 'Reserve Equipment' calendar
  • Choose an available time slot

Note: Instrument calendars may syncd with your haverford google calendar. To do this please send George Neusch your email address and the name of the instrument calendar you would like to sync.Then you will be able to stretch your time slot over multiple hours in a single day without choosing the slots individually. Please do not use the duplicate function in "edit event details." That function does not appear to sync properly with the calendar on this webpage.

Contact George Neusch if you need help operating any instrumentation.

Instrument Scheduling

Reserve a specific time for the instruments below via Google Calendar.


Instruments and Resources

3D Printing

Below are the 3D printing and scanning resources currently available for use. Click on the included links for technical specifications.


Fabrication Devices

3D Printers

MakerBot Replicator 2X

Maker Bot 2X

This fused-filament 3D printer is capable of printing up to 2 colors simultaneously, and has a 100um layer resolution. The maximum build volume for individual parts is 25L x 16W x 15H (cm). For the instructional manual, click here. Additional MakerBot instructions coming soon!

Automated Carving Devices

ShopBot D2418

The ShopBot desktop is an automated carving device capable of shaping wood, plastic, or aluminum. The maximum cutting volume is 0.61L x 0.46W x 0.05H (m), with a maximum cutting resolution of 0.00635mm, and a maximum cutting speed of 100mm/s. For the instruction manual, click here.

3D Scanners

3D Scanner

Next Engine 3D Scanner HD 2020i

This 3D scanner allows the user to scan a three-dimensional object to a data file. The object can then be replicated with a 3D printer, if desired. The 2020i is capable of scanning facets (portions of the 3D object) of up to 13.5" x 10.1", with a maximum accuracy of 0.005". Larger objects can be imaged in multiple portions. Each scan takes ~2min for acquisition and rendering. A manual is currently not available without a proof of purchase. Please contact George Neusch with questions.