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Faculty Development Programs

A portion of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute's grant to Haverford College supports a Faculty Development Program, which consists of a series of semester-long courses for faculty on an interdisciplinary topic. Faculty from a range of departments meet weekly to learn about current issues and developments in a specific field and to develop new courses and course modules in this area. The seminar also serves as an interdisciplinary forum for faculty interaction.
  • Computing Across the Sciences (CAtS) - Eleven Haverford faculty from the departments of Biology, Computer Science, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics participated in this seminar in the spring of 2001. An interdisciplinary class for students resulted from this course.

  • Bioinformatics Course- Computer Applications in the Biosciences - Eight Haverford faculty, from the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics completed this course in the fall of 2001. A new course in Computational Genomics will be introduced into the Haverford Biology curriculum this year.

  • Science and Society - Twleve Haverford faculty from the departments of Anthropology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, General Programs, History, Mathematics, Peace Studies, Physics, Psychology and Sociology participated in this course during 2002-2003.

  • Statistics Across the Curriculum - Fifteen Haverford faculty from the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Economics, General Programs, Mathematics and Psychology are participating in this course during the fall of 2003.

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