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General Resources
Other STDs
Specific Diseases

General Resources

  1. baker_jR.html Viruses, Plagues, and History, Michael B. A. Oldstone, 1998
  2. carmoR.html Purity and Pollution: Gender, Embodiment and Victorian Medicine, Alison Bashfor, 1998
  3. decastroR.html Health Issues for Women of Color: A Cultural Diversity Perspective, Diane Adams, ed., 1995
  4. forrayR.html (prion-based diseases) Deadly Feasts, Richard Rhodes, 1998
  5. mendilloR. htmlMan and Microbes, Arlo Karlen, 1995
  6. somersanR.html Emerging Infections: Biomedical Research Reports, Richard Krause, ed.1998
  7. subediR.html web sites

Specific Diseases


  1. hoelR.html Web sites


  2. proberR.html Quarantine!: East European Jewish Immigrants and the New York City Epidemics of 1892, Howard Markel, 1997


  3. jostR.html The Hot Zone, Richard Preston, 1995
  4. mccorkleR.html The Hot Zone, Richard Preston, 1994


  5. maierR.html websites devoted to biology
  6. mikulskyR.html Hepatitis B Virus (articles in JAMA and Science)


  8. cubasR.html The Dark Light, Mette Newth, 1993

    Non-infectious Diseases

  9. lewis_mR.html breast cancer web sites
  10. weiserR.html cleft palate web sites


  11. metzgerR.html Polio's Legacy. An Oral History, Edmund Sass, 1996


  12. connellR.html Fevered Lives, Katherine Ott, 1996
  13. faragoR.html AIDS, Tuberculosis, and the Public Policy of Disease Control, Sally Heymann, 1992
  14. mellonR.html The White Plague: Tuberculosis, Man, and Society by Rene and Jean Dubos, 1987


  1. beckR.html Women in the Time of AIDS, Gillian Paterson, 1996
  2. faragoR.html AIDS, Tuberculosis, and the Public Policy of Disease Control, Sally Heymann, 1992
  3. farrenkopfR.html AIDS (as presented in the journals Science, JAMA, Bioethics)
  4. harrisR.html Health Insurance and AIDS (Web sites)
  5. leonardR.html "But Nice Girls Don't Get It," J. Contemp. Ethnog. 26: 317-337, 1997-1998
  6. martinR.html The Invisible Epidemic: The Story of Women and AIDS, Gena Correa, 1992
  7. mcdanielR.html AIDS Demo Graphics, Douglas Crimp and Adam Rolston, 1990
  8. pittR.html Women, Poverty, and AIDS: Sex, Drugs, and Structural Violence, Paul Farmer, Margaret Connors, and Janie Simmons, eds., 1996
  9. reedR.html Pyschological Perspectives on Lesbian and Gay Issues: Vol. 2, AIDS, Identity and Community, 1995
  10. ridgeR.html AIDS, Drugs, and Prostitution, Martin A. Plant, ed., 1990
  11. wolfeR.html Blaming Others: Prejudice, Race and Worldwide AIDS, Renee Sebatier, 1988

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

  1. constantinescuR.html "Stigmatization, Scapegoating and Discrimination in Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Overcoming 'Them' and 'Us'," N. Gilmore and M. A. Somerville, Soc. Sci. Med. 39: 1339-1358, 1994
  2. riboulR.html web sites


  1. baker_dR.html
  2. cummingsR.html
  3. deutschR.html
  4. feuerR.html
  5. hardingR.html
  6. warnerR.html

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