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Haverford College
Department of Biology

Pre-Professional Studies


Although a good many Haverford students go on to medical school after graduation, Haverford has no “pre-medical curriculum” as such. The minimum requirements of most medical schools are not many. They are usually those set by law of licensure to practice medicine: a year of biology, a year of physics and two years of chemistry. Many medical schools require a full year of English and some require mathematics, biochemistry or psychology.

Students from Haverford who enter medical schools have graduated with a great variety of majors — Philosophy, Spanish, English and several others of which the most common are, as might be expected, Biology and Chemistry. Those pre-medical students interested in medical research as a career usually major in biology, chemistry or physics. Your choice of majors should be determined by your interest, ability and enthusiasm for the department of your choice as it exists here at Haverford. This choice is made at the end of your sophomore year.

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You can relax because you do not need to make a decision about law school now or in the immediate future. Haverford College does not have a pre-law curriculum. This means you do not need to pursue a particular course of study while here (or take any magical or special courses!) to prepare you for law school or to improve your odds of gaining admission. Any course of rigorous study -- and any major -- will prepare you well for the study of law. Law schools, by the way, welcome any and all majors: the social sciences; the hard sciences; languages; and the classics.

Law schools look for applicants who can write well (with grace and style); think cogently (and marshal the facts to support an argument); and who can handle extensive reading assignments successfully and in a timely manner. If you take courses that develop and demonstrate these abilities -- you will be in good shape and law schools will be interested in you

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