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Haverford College
Department of Biology

Learning Goals

Haverford's Department of Biology is uniquely focused on understanding the molecular basis of life and is committed to a research-based curriculum stressing the experimental method as a teaching tool. Students in all levels of the curriculum frame their own experimental questions and use current research techniques to search for answers. Senior students participate in laboratory-based, year long research projects. This research results in presentations at local and national meetings, and publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Statement of Student Learning Goals

Students completing a major in biology at Haverford will be able to:

  1. Work both independently and collaboratively
  2. Understand fundamental concepts in modern biology
  3. Integrate knowledge and experimental approaches from multiple scientific disciplines such as chemistry, physics, mathematics, and geology
  4. Read, understand, and critique the primary scientific literature
  5. Interpret and analyze scientific data
  6. Design and conduct hypothesis-driven research
  7. Troubleshoot experimental approaches
  8. Integrate new knowledge into a framework that advances understanding
  9. Communicate scientific ideas and concepts, both orally and in writing
  10. Understand and practice ethical conduct in scientific inquiry