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Haverford College
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Biology Blogs

Faculty and students in our department maintain blogs to inform us about their on-going activities, both in the classroom and beyond it.

Members of the Biology Department are actively involved in extramural projects relating to their research and courses, and may post blogs describing their progress. We have also encouraged our students to use blogs to talk about some of the more distinctive aspects of our program, such as our intensive junior laboratory course, the student research experience, both during the academic year and the summer, and the study-abroad experience. Both current and archived blogs are available.

Current Blogs

Superlab (Spring 2012)

Superlab Superlab is a lab course taken by upperclassmen biology majors (and chemistry majors planning to fulfill a biochemistry concentration). Biology superlab is designed so that students get first hand experience using techniques and equipment commonly used in graduate labs and research facilities; however, what really makes superlab special is the independence the professors give.

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Archived Blogs

Fords Down Under

Fords Down Under Blog Join HC Biology majors Andrew Rech ‘09, Theonie Anastassiadis ‘09 and Alexander Davies ‘09 as they blog about their adventures while studying abroad for a semester at the University of Melbourne in Australia.

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‘Ford Scientists in Southern California

‘Ford Scientists in Southern CaliforniaBen Pyenson ‘09, a Biology major and Geology minor, and Adam Subhas ‘09, a chemistry/biochemistry student are participating in separate REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) programs at USC in L.A. for the summer.

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Super Lab blog (Fall 2007)

From the blog:

My good friend, Jess, and I were asked to write a blog on our experience in 'superlab' so that prospective students could get some sort of idea what life is like in the bio department.
So what's superlab???
Superlab is a course at haverford, in which students spend the whole semester working on two projects in the lab (the first half of the semester is designated for one investigation and the second half is designated for the other)."