Bio306 Syllabus

Haverford College

Spring, 2003


Weekly topics

Daily Topics


1 January 20

Fundamental cellular and biochemical themes in signal transduction

Introduction to signaling and its significance


Ch. 15, Part I and Signaling introduction (ELS)


January 22

The three major classes of receptors: fundamentals


January 24

Workshop #1: Signaling and gene regulation


Signals and gene expression

Assign. #1: On-line assignment due January 31st Science May 31 2002 p. 1632 and How to use STKE, How to use Signaling Gateway

2 January 27

Analysis of a signaling pathway

and experimental approaches

Introduction to G-protein coupled receptors (the largest family of receptors expressed by animals)

Bob Loudon, guest lecturer

Alberts, Ch. 15, Part II

ELS Review of G-protein coupled receptors (GPCR) and Science May 31 issue p. 1636

January 29

Introduction to Receptor Tyrosine Kinases (another major group of receptors in animals)

Alberts, Ch. 15, Part III


January 31

Workshop #2: An experimental history of ras Assign. #2: Designing an experiment due February 5th

3 February 3

Signaling and Metabolism

The b-AR and obesity

Commentary on b-AR and obesity Science article

February 5

The insulin receptor and diabetes

ELS Review of Insulin and metabolism

February 7

Workshop #3: Signaling molecules as drug targets Assign. #3: GPCRs and RTKs as drug targets (a closed book, closed note 'quiz') due February 12th.

4 February 10

Signaling and Development

Apoptosis, caspases, and development (Sam Edmondson, guest lecturer)

Alberts, Ch. 15, Part IV and STKE Review of proteases and signaling

February 12

The Wnt pathwy (and autism?)

ELS Review of Wnt AND Science May 31st issue p. 1644

Commentary on Wnt and autism

February 14

Workshop#4: Notch and TGFb

Science May 31st article p. 1646

Assign. #4: Interpreting a primary article due February 19th.

5 February 17

Signaling outside the animal world

Bacteria and chemotaxis


Ch. 15, Part IV and Review

February 19

Plant signaling and the evolutionary implications

Assign. #5:

Signaling and genomics (PSI-BLAST) due February 21st

February 21

Workshop #5: Final Project - refining your ideas


6 February 24

Signaling and the Senses

G-proteins and your sense of smell

Science Review on 7-spanners and sensory receptors

February 26

TRP receptors and temperature sensation

One of the Top Ten Break-throughs of 2002 and Commentary

February 28

Workshop #6: Final Project - developing the project


7 March 3

Signaling and the Immune System

Cytokines and inflammation (JAK/STAT)

ELS Review of JAK/STAT and Science May 31 issue p. 1653

March 5

TCR,BCR, synapses and immunodeficiency

Review on Synapses and Science May 31 issue on TCR signaling p. 1639

March 7

Workshop #7 - Final Project: revising, editing and finalizing

Final project due date to be discussed